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    So I have just finished watching Sword Art Online and I had a fabulous idea that has probably been thought up by many other anime people that play Minecraft... BUT I would like a plugin that resembles the anime.

    Some things I would love to have implemented:
    • Command to set boss spawns
    • Command to spawn bosses
    • Configuration file to set bosses health/info/etc.
    • Special "events" For example... When you right click a certain item it gives you a temporary speed boost.
    • Statistics like agility, strength, health, all powered by a leveling system (Not decided what the leveling system would be)
    • Custom quests, being able to create quests and NPCs to have them
    • Teleport crystal (Item) Right click first to set teleport location, then right click again to teleport to set location, a cooldown on this item would be awesome
    • The level of a player set on their name in chat, as well as their nametag, or the name above their head. Statistics mentioned before would be controlled by this level.
    • Possible custom economy and shops
    • Custom weapons (Tiered swords that have different abilities)
    • Custom mob/boss drops (Money, special/rare, armor drops.)
    • Players able to set up their own shops and be able to claim empty "plots" of land on the floor they are on
    • Dueling system
    • Trading GUI system (with other players not NPCs)
    • Commands to level players up, give them certain items, heal them
    • Unbreakable weapons (All Weapons should be unbreakable)
    • Disable normal mob drops
    • This is all I can think of for now

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