Survival Games Plugin (Special Requests)

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  1. Hi Please Could Some One Make A Survival Games Plugin That Allows:
    (When I say Lobby I Mean The Lobby Where They Wait When They Have Clicked The Sign To Take Them To The Arena)
    (When I say Lobbyboard I Mean Where Signs Are That Allow You To Join The Arena)
    • A Score System (they earn and lose points and its in () When It The Lobby They Earn a random amount of points up to 35 for killing people and lose 10 points for dieing)
    • People With A Permission Node Can Kick Players To Join If The Arena Is Full
    • Multi Arenas
    • Admin Force Start
    • Lobby When They Select an Arena With a Countdown till the arena is ready The Countdown starts from 2 mins when the minimal amount (12) of people have joined. (A Join Message When A Player Joins)
    • The Arena Regens After Every Match
    • A Permission Node That Allows Players With The Permission To Edit There Score
    • Customizable Messages In Config File
    • World Edit Support To Creating Arenas (Protects Arena and Defines Where It Is)
    • They Stick To A Podium Till A Countdown Releases Them
    • Arena Death match When The Countdown from 30 mins is finished it tps everyone from the arena to the Deathmatch arena or when 4 people remain
    • Admin Force Death match
    • Chest Refilling At Midnight On The First Night
    • Lobby Board at the e.g spawn
    • Nose Of Cannon When Some One Dies (TNT Explosion)
    • Nose Of XP when chests refill
    • Score Board With Time Left (Seconds) and How Many Player Are Left
    • Creation Of The Area Gives You A Wool Block To Set Lobby Spawn and Podium To Start
    • Permission Support
    • They Can Only Break Blocks with there id registered in the config file
    • Sign Support (Will Explain Later Down)
    • Message At The Start Saying Map Name, Map Creator and Map Download Link
    • Support For Essentials {PLAYER} in The Customizable Messages
    • Random High Level and Low Level Chests So Tiers 1-3 and have id lists in the config
    • /sgstart (Admin Force Start)
    • /sgdeath (Admin Force Death Match)
    • /sgstats # (#=arena shows arena stats)
    • /sg join # (#=arena Joins The Arena)
    • /sg leave (leaves the arena)
    • /sg lobby (takes them to the lobby board e.g at the spawn)
    • /sgscore # (#=the number they entered to edit there score)
    • /sg create (starts creation of arena)
    • /sg bypass (allows them to build anywhere)
    • All These Commands Require Permissions)
    • sg.editscore (Allows Score Editing Of There Own Score Only)
    • sg.editscore.other (Allows Score Editing Of Anyone's Score)
    • sg.forcestart (Allows Them To Force Start The Match)
    • sg.forcedeath (Allows Them To Force Death Match)
    • sg.join.# (#=Arena Number This Allows Them To Join The Arena With The Same Number)
    • sg.leave (Allows Them To Leave The Lobby When Waiting/Arena When In Match)
    • sg.stat (Allows Them To See Stats Of Arenas)
    • sg.lobby (Allows Them To Be Teleported To The LobbyBoard
    • sg.create (Allows Them To Create An Arena)
    • sg.bypass (Allows Them To Bypass The Block Breaking Limit (The Id Of Blocks In Config))
    • sg.sign.lobby
    • sg.sign.join
    • sg.sign.forcestart

    So Say I Put A Sign Like This [sglobby] its Then Turns in To:
    Return To The​
    Main Lobby​
    Or I Did [sgforce] That Turns In To​
    Force Start The​
    Or I Did [sgjoin#] (#meaing Arena Number) That Turns In To​
    Lobby /Waiting​
    {players In Lobby}​
    And When Its Restarting/Regening​
    Or When In A Match​
    In Game​
    {players left}​
    Thank You For Reading This If You Think You Can do This By The Tuesday 3rd September Or By Friday 6th September (Or When Ever I Really Need it For My Srever) PM me Or Reply To This
    James (mpattrick)
    P.S You Are Allowed To Release This By Your Self I Wont Take Any Credit For Coming Up With Ideas
    P.P.S When You Done Please Upload it and Paste a link in reply to this or Give A Download Link If You Don't Want To Upload it
  2. Please Can Some One Make This Plugin As Its Going To Be The Main Part Of The Minigames Server
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    ** Offtopic ** You don't need capitals at the start of every word :/
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    I Didn't Read Past The First Sentence Because YOU USE CAPS on all your darn words, seriously what possesses people to think that is correct!?

    And the second I saw the words Survival Games and "Special Request" or anything similar I automatically go, seriously.. there are about ten plugins that do that.
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    I'm pointing towards

    1. "Fix or modify current plugins - Submit a ticket to that developer on BukkitDev!
    Huge, huge huge requests - Not actually a "not to do" but do not be surprised if an extremely complicated request is ignored. The simpler a plugin, the more likely it is to be made."

    2. "Use proper spelling and grammar to write out a fully detailed post describing your requirements. When someone replies, be thankful that they're helping. When the request is fulfilled, thank them again."

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    Sorry im not very good with coding but i did make a mod in 1.2.5 it was food. So i could try
  11. Sorry for starting all my letters with caps that's just what my fingers do! So please stop being mean about it!

    Sorry I have look at your plugin I don't think I will be using this sorry thanks for your help

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