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    Whoever makes this plugin add me on skype (tom.developer) I will make him owner of galaxy games 600 slot server

    •all normal stuff for SG
    •TNT explodes on place (Does not break terrain)
    •When a player dies it fires a fire work
    •There will be a Deathmatch
    •A scoreboard on the left with a scrolling text under the text it will show:
    -Time left until Deatmatch
    -Kills you have
    -How many people left
    -How many spectator watching
    •To join a game you press a sign that will say
    Players in game
    •A compass when right clicked it'll show all the players and when you press one if them you get teleported to them (Only for spectators)
    •When somebody wins a game all the pads starts shooting fireworks
    •Custom Coins system when you get a kill you get 1 coin when you die -1 point when you win a game +5 points
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    There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many SG plugins. Try using google!
  3. Tom6 Try using: PluginSearcher It allows you to type words, press enter/search, and tons of stuff comes up with the keywords you searched! :D

    Or SurvivalGames, which is one of the most popular. Also Lib's Survival Games.
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    There are so many of these it this doesn't even deserve to be made.
  5. Tom6 Oh yeah, private plugins aren't allowed here.. :p
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