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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by IkBenTimo, Aug 14, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    Me and my friends want to start a new survival server in 1.13. We want to have a border that expands when someone gets an advancement or kills a certain amount of mobs, however the border reduces when someone dies.

    Can someone make this? Can you make it so I can change the amount of blocks it expands and the amount of mob kills?

    Thanks in advance,
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    The plugin you sent me is great, can you make it better? If you want to do this :p:p

    I have some ideas:
    -Border needs to be 5x5 blocks when we start. ( I can do this myself)
    -It takes time for the border to expand, 1 block per second.
    - If possible could you make something appear in everyones screen when the border get's bigger or smaller? Could you make it so I can turn this on/off in the config? (Something like: "The border is expanding! X blocks!"
    -Shared advancements: So that everyone get's the advancement and the border only expands once? (A offline player also needs to get the advancement)

    -The border needs to increase in size when:
    - A player gets an advancement (5 blocks)
    -(If possible less blocks for the easy advancements and more for the harder ones, let me know if this is possible and I will sort the advancements into 3 groups: easy, medium and hard. I've already sorted the advancements into groups, you can find this at the end of the message.)

    - A player killed a certain amount of mobs:
    - Passive mobs = 1 block per 100 killed
    - Neutral mobs = 1 block per 50 killed
    - Hostile mobs = 1 block per 25 killed
    - Boss mobs = 10 blocks per 1 killed

    Here is a list with all the mobs sorted in the groups:

    -The border needs to decrease in size when:
    - A player dies (25 blocks)
    -It can't get smaller than 25x25 blocks.

    Here's a list of the advancements ordered into 3 groups:
    There are 5 different advancements tabs, I've sorted all of them.

    Easy (2,5 blocks expansion):
    **Minecraft advancements:
    - Minecraft
    - Stone Age
    - Getting an Upgrade
    - Acquire Hardware
    - Isn't It Iron Pick
    - Not Today, Thank You
    - Hot Stuff
    - Suit Up
    - Not Today, Thank You
    - Ice Bucket Challenge
    - Diamonds!
    - We Need to Go Deeper

    **Nether advancements:
    - Nether
    - Into Fire
    - Local Brewery

    **The End advancements:
    - The Next Generation
    - Remote Gateway
    - You Need a Mint
    - The City at the End of the Game

    **Adventure advancements:
    - Adventure
    - Monster Hunter
    - Sweet dreams
    - What a Deal!
    - A Throwaway Joke
    - Take Aim
    - Hired Help

    - Husbandry
    - The Parrots and the Bats
    - Best Friends Forever
    - A Seedy Place
    - Fishy Buisiness

    Medium (5 blocks expansion):
    **Minecraft advancements:
    - Cover Me With Diamonds
    - Enchanter
    - Zombie Doctor
    - Eye Spy

    **Nether advancements:
    - Subspace Bubble
    - A Terrible Fortress
    - Spooky Scary Skeleton
    - Withering Heights
    - Bring Home the Beacon

    **The End advancements:
    - The End
    - Free the End
    - The End... Again...

    **Adventure advancements:
    - Monsters Hunted
    - Postmortal

    - Tactical Fishing
    - Two by Two

    Hard (10 blocks expansion):
    **Minecraft advancements:
    - The End?

    **Nether advancements:
    - Uneasy Alliance
    - How Did We Get Here?
    - Beaconator

    **The End advancements:
    - Sky's the Limit
    - Great View From Up Here

    **Adventure advancements:
    - Adventuring Time
    - Very Very Frightening
    - Sniper duel

    - A Balanced Diet
    - Serious Dedication

    List of all the advancements:

    I hope you can and want to do it :D.
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