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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Koobaczech, Mar 5, 2015.

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    Alright my beloved bukkit master coders. This is something I've been wanting to make for a long time. I want a plugin that essentially allows you to create a surveillance camera. I don't want to make a mod, i want it to be a plugin, maybe compatible with 1.8.1 to 1.6.4. If not 1.8.1 I personally think this plugin will explode if done right. Im just not sure which route to take. I want to make, not download it. I am very meticulous on details, and can see many cool ideas to add to the overall structure of this plugin, like remote controls, batteries, and permissions. SO here is something I've thought of, its very primitive.
    • Route 1
      • Player crafts camera with maybe like redstone, dye, iron, and lightning hits it(can be part of plugin, easy to spawn lightning idk)
      • Set a block as a stationary camera 1 or rotating camera 1
      • Player does maybe /camera 1, gets tpd invis to block, can't move, limited look around, or fixed view with block rotation(imitates camera rotating)
      • Unmount's with shift
    • Route 2
      • Have someone suggest a WAY better idea, and then we code it

    Now this could be a really primitive way to make a camera, its just an idea. Im not sure how else to do it. Any ides would be helpful, and if anyone wants to work on this with me let me know!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Hey @timtower i read Under Plugin Requests it said "Got an idea for a plugin? Post it here and someone might make it!" This idan idea xD I thought it was in the right place
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Koobaczech But you also said this:
    Plugin requests is for downloads, not helping coding.
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    So very true
  6. @Koobaczech Do you need help making it? Are you requesting for it to be made?
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    Needed help making it if someone wanted to code it with me
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    I love the idea :D
  9. Moved to WIP and Development.
  10. @Koobaczech
    Seems like a cool idea but pretty useless in my opinion. This can be done in like 10 minutes.
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    @Assist @Koobaczech

    What would really make this interesting (and pretty impossible) is to use a screen capturing project and get a whole video. But maybe a bit to hard, so try to make it when the camera detects a player it will alert it to the owner of the cam.
  12. Definitely possible to some extent. You could record every action done by players (or all entities) within the sight radius of the camera, however I'm not sure how much memory this would use as you'd have to store every "frame" in a list of some sort.

    Possible too and easy to do.

    However, @Koobaczech seems to be inactive.
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    Hmmm, where did I saw this before?...(*hint hint sethbling hint hint*)
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  14. Barely possible without client mods. Or do you want to create a new client on the server that renders and records and saves everything which maybe crashes the server?
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    @FisheyLP Just an idea, I'm not saying it's possible :)
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    Set player to invisible, mark the area of the camera on the player place block event, and when player right clicks the camera monitor or something like that, he is teleported with invisibility
    and to "log out" you just do playerasyncchatevent and listen to message leave
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