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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Regina715, Jan 22, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Admin/Developer Tools

    Suggested name: Supply Drop

    What I want: I would like a plugin where every 10 minutes a supply drop spawns randomly around the world. I would like it to start at 8 blocks below the building limit and drop to the ground. But there must me at least 3 players online. Here are some commands I would like for the plugin: "/sd loot" - opens a GUI to put the loot in for the supply drop, "/sd force" - forces a supply drop to spawn, "/sd activate" - disables/enables the plugin in your world, and "/sd time" - changes the time of the supply drop in ticks. If possible can you make it where it supports special items from other plugins like crackshot guns. If possible as well can you make it where when you click the chest instead of opening the chest GUI it opens a hopper GUI with 5 items. But instead of saying "Hopper" at the top it says "Supply Crate". Whenever a supply drop happens in chat I would like it to say: "Supply drop at {x} {z}" and the supply drop would land there. But before the supply drop actually happens a warning will come up Saying: "Supply drop at {x} {z} in 30 Seconds".

    I will give %100 credit to the developer.

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    I want this to be made i need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I´ll do this.
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    As opposed to you taking credit for making the plugin? I'd hope so...
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    Why did you bring that up? Are you going to be uploading this plugin somewhere else?
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    I'll be testing this out. Thank you for your effort & time.

    Please add a /sd forcestart command.
    Also, add in the /sd loot a way to configure the chances of getting this kit or the chances of getting a certain item instead of a whole kit. Like, instead of getting the same items in the same kit always, randomize the items based on chances.
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    Thanks for your comment.
    I just added /sd forcestart and it will be implemnted in the next update.
    I'll add the possibillity to set the chance of getting a certain kit.
    In the future please use the commentary section on the bukkit page so we dont spam here ;)
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    Thank you! :)
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    @GPSforLEGENDS Could yu please implement a feature that if nobody takes the crate loot or it is taken empty, it disapears. This is ment for safezone/warzone places where players cant actually destroy the chests

    + A feature where it checks if there is ground beneath the drop zone. Otherwise for a SkyPvP server they just drop out of the world.
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    2 nice ideas. I'll implement them as soon as possible.
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    @GPSforLEGENDS Would be great if you could manage to implement them till around the 12th of February, no rush, simply i will be publishing my server on the 15th, and i still have to manage to do alot, and i would love this plugin in my SkyPvP server up and running.

    Thank you for your fast response!

    EDIT: @GPSforLEGENDS 1 thing, if it is possible, maybe you can impliment a custom command to set the spawnpoints for the chest? if you could set multiple exact points by yourself that would be great for custom Servers, like SkyPvP, or dungeons. etc.
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    DONE. You can configure the chance in the config.
    DONE. You can decide following things: delete when empty; delete when deactivated in your world; delete by reload/restart. For your void problem i added a dont spawn in void option and you can also block Supplydrops in certain biomes. I´ll upload the update in 30-60 min.
    i´ll do this next.
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    @GPSforLEGENDS Thanks dude, job well done! Waiting for the last implement!!!!
    Great job! :)
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    Instead of kits, let it be items with chances. Like instead of getting the same kit over and over again, make it items that can be added/removed. This would be absolutely amazing if you'd add this. Please do? :)
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    @Lampades @GPSforLEGENDS I would rather recomend few items, you can set multiple item types that they can get, supply kits can get multiple players at the same time, so it doesnt mean that they might get all the items, atleast for my server type.

    If you set multiple items in 1 crate with % on them that they could get, it means that they can get multiple good items in my case, which means that its not gonna be the best choice tho. But its the creators choice. so.
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    This was my first idea but i thought thought that kits would be cooler. I´m already thinking of a way to implement this without messing up the config.
    I think i dont get the idea of this post :/

    And by the way
    To lower the work of the moderators
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    Please do implement it :D
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