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    hello i would like somebody to create a superpower plugin for 1.4.2 (beacons in 1.4.2 arent good enough) i would like these abilitys:able to kill anything within 3 hits but if somebody is whereing good enough armor 30 hits,flying,superspeed,no fall damage,hiting people and giving them a potion effect (any effect),able to destroy blocks in one hit (and get there drops if your in survival),have protection of any armor without even waring it. and thats it i want them to make commands to toggle all these abilitys for yourself or for another player i would also like some permissions please somebody create this plugin please..... anyways bye.....
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    commana, this is meant as a positive, constructive response.
    Your profile says that you are 19 years old. From someone your age I expect the abilitie to realize that there is a pinned thread in this forum called "read me first". Furthermore I expect you to be able to proof read your own texts:
    If you are suffering from poor spelling - I am sorry in this case, but in any other case your post demonstrates no respect for the authors / developers you are asking for help. Your post lacks information, structure and orthography / punctuation.
    What do you consider "good enough armor"? How should any interested dev know?
    What are "some permissions" you want to have? How should any interested dev know?

    It is considered well-mannered and shows not only your knowledge and awareness of text production but of netiquette as well if you try to support the readers with as much information and clarification as possible. If you do so, you are more likely to attract people into helping you and creating the plugin you are dreaming of.

    As I said in my first line, this is meant constructive. I wrote this to educate you and help you in your (future) quest: struggling with the internet.
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    You do realize, english isn't everyones first language.
    I do think, however, that you should take a look at the read me first and see how to properly set up a thread. Though it is not mandatory, it will greatly help a developer who is interested in your idea and will make it much easier for them knowing where to find the information they need.
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    sorry bad english i do live in america though so just bad spelling D:

    ill see if i can edot the post :D


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    This made me laugh so hard lol

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