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    Hello everyone,
    I need a plugin made for my minecraft server.
    Well the main objective of this plugin is to make a almost auto super craft bros.

    (I want the plugin made for the almost like mob arena part of this map)

    Video of map:

    So the basic permissions:

    superc.join (Joins the que)
    superc.quit (Quits the que) (Links the map to the plugin) (Command: /superc link [World name]

    Arena protected
    And other worlds can be running on the server


    More information about suprcraftbros at:

    Ty and plz respond

    (Plz make it a private plugin and just pm the link on youtube)
    Youtube: http;//


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    You may only bump after so many hours.
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    This is dumb
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    That's SO MEAN! Don't be that guy, DarkRiddles ! I think it's a good idea, and, just so you know, queue is spelled queue... :p[cake]

    Just a quick question: Do you like FruitCake?[cake][cake][cake]
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    ebear Ok im sorry Shieldcrafter This is a semi good idea 10% good maybe if you had more feature listed in the plugin idea but I would never join that server
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    I'm actually working on this one myself, and I might just give it to you. :)
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    it wasnt a plugin sethbling made it with commandblocks and his redstone skills
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

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    Ty sir
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    We know, we just want a working plugin for this so there's no redstone.
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    drtshock Retired Staff

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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Nothing was happening for months but I have started up on an API to make it lot easier a few days ago :D
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    What is the difference between this and any other arena plugin that gives out kits? :confused:

    Might have to re-watch the video and see the major differences.
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    i am making one
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    Ummm hey, you can't request for a private plugin!
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    This wouldn't be such a bad idea. I could possibly make this once I get a hang of this starting/ending games, etc. I would like to put this in a Hub mini game server.
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    TryB4 Yeah, I would like it :)
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    I am interested. Can i have more information?

    Are there any premade characters?

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    Yes please I would like one
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    I am also waiting for a plugin for this. :p
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