SuperCraftBros Plugin needed! Developers needed!

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    Hey guys!
    Are there any developers that can make me a plugin that works like the plugin on this server

    I would love someone to do this for me. I really hope to get a developer to make me a plugin like super craft brothers or help this fellow [link at the bottom] who has been working on a similar plugin for 4 months and still hasnt succeded and needs some help. I would also give you a [Developer] rank on my server that is quite huge. I will let you have almost all permissions a op can get and also perhaps even run the server with me, and my team. We could discuss this after we agree on the job. You could maybe use the BattleArena plugin to make the plugin as well:D Please post a comment below if you are interested.

    Thank You!

    Link to the fellows plugin thread:
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    Ok edited the post :D
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  4. spiderven0m I might be wrong but I don't think you're allowed to give Developer rank for plugin requests here :I Not sure just heard it some where.
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    Plugins already exist that do this. It is annoying when people request stuff that have been already made.
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    It doesn't exist yet....

    If it does exist then tell me the link to it, I'll appreciate your help. But i've been searching for days but none found........

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    Here, I found you one!
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