Super torch. Lits up a whole room with 1 torch.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Danteland, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Hello. Is it possible to make a supertorch that lits up a whole room with 1 torch. I mean like a big room. Like a 100x20x100 big room. Because its so annoying to build in big spaces that has roof without placing annoying torches or using nightvision potion. Also its useful for players as well if they wanna light up their underground cave.
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    Ah! Lights! Sorry.
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    Never poked around in this. But I imagine this could create tons of lag each torch place..

    You would be forcing the game to recalculate 100*20*100 blocks light level. Or something.
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    so its not possible to make like a daylight torch that lights up a space until there are walls?
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    Depends how good your method is. You are right of course, but only if you program it stupidly...
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    mncat77 Retired Staff

    The lighting is calculated by a minecraft lighting engine and I believe lighting became client-side in some 1.2 update.
    So don't blame us for minecraft code lol...
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    It is client side indeed.
    The only way to do this.. is by sending block changes.. so that'd still look like there's just lights in the building.
    Only solution: add lights in your building.
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    If you, as an op on your server want to light up giant underground spaces once in a while you could use worldedit.
    Just select the space of air right beside the walls and replace the air with 20%torch.

    Should solve your problem, but isnt as simple as a super torch...
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    Oh okey, well thanks anyways :(

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