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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Angel_ScarzXD, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Information: Hello! I am requesting a pretty cool and fun plugin in my opinion! This plugin makes random events. This is different from the plugin RandomEvents on curse because these events can be customized/configured!

    /se forceplay (EventName) (AmountOfTimeInSeconds) ~ Forces a event to occur for an amount of time in seconds!
    /se addevent (EventName) ~ This will generate what you see in the config again. basicaly doubling the config but with a different event name instead of copy and pasting and messing up the config/plugin!

    se.forceplay ~ Access to /se forceplay
    se.addevent ~ Access to /se addevent

    Config The Most Important Part!
    // Config // - Remember this is all just a example!

    // Delay = DelayUntilCommandRuns //

    Run Command1: '/summon Skeleton (HowFarAwayFromPlayerX) (HowFarAwayFromPlayerY) (HowFarAwayFromPlayerZ) (Amount) (Delay)'
    Run Command2: ''
    Run Command3: ''
    Run Command4: ''
    Run Command5: ''

    DetailsCommand1: 'IRON_HELMET PROTECTION:1, BOW POWER:1'
    DetailsCommand2: ''
    DetailsCommand3: ''
    DetailsCommand4: ''
    DetailsCommand5: ''

    BroadcastMessage: true

    MessageBefore/OnEvent: '&4The Bloodmoon is coming.. The skeletons are rising..'
    TitleMessage?: false
    // Put how many seconds the message should occur before the event put 0 for it to message on the event //

    TimeMessageBeforeEvent: '180'

    MessageOnEventOccur: true

    RealMessageOnEventOccur: '&4The Bloodmoon is happening!'

    MobDamageIncrease: '50%'

    MobSpeedIncrease: '15%'

    MobHealthIncrease: '50%'

    MobDamageDecrease: '0%'

    MobSpeedDecrease: '0%'

    MobHealthDecrease: '0%'

    PlayerHealthIncrease: '0%'

    PlayerDamageIncrease: '0%'

    PlayerSpeedIncrease: '0%'

    PlayerHealthDecrease: '25%'

    PlayerDamageDecrease: '25%'

    PlayerSpeedDecrease: '25%'

    RarityToOccurEvent: '5%'
    // Note: 100% is the MOST! //

    Thank you! I would like this ASAP :D
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    @Angel_ScarzXD When looking at your request, I see one giant flaw:

    You "request" one "command" with some arguments. Later you define DetailsCommand1 etc.

    What other things should be there? We can't read your mind (and we won't even try that).
    And why aren't you using the equipment tag in the summon command?
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    I was dumb at the moment.
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    CeramicTitan Retired Staff

    Wow! that config is a mess.
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