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    This plugin should work with 1.7.5


    I need a plugin, which forces each joined/killed player to defined spawn position.
    Those spawn positions will be different depending on permission.

    Player has permission, and when he joins/dies, he will spawn in defined spawn TOWN.
    Player has permission pspawn.spawn.village, and when he joins/dies, he will spawn in defined spawn VILLAGE.

    psetspawn <name> - create a new spawn with given name.

    pspawn.command.setspawn - ability to define a new spawn with given name
    pspawn.spawn.<name> - player with this permission will be spawned after join / death to the given spawn name.

    Multiworld support not needed.

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    Are you using essentials? If you are you can set spawns for different ranks.
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    Essentials will not force to spawn upon join and I need to make per-player spawns, so permissions are much better.
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    Actually, no. Don't use permissions at all.

    A config.yml with this would be better:
        x: 0.0
        y: 0.0
        z: 0.0
        w: world
      Notch: SpawnName
    I guess I can make this tomorrow

    And btw, you forgot a command:
    psetuserspawn [spawn]
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    Sorry but that does not fit my needs and nor this request.
    I need PERMISSION based spawns, not user based. Permission based spawns have much more capabilities than user-based.

    I will post some advantages of perm. based spawns:
    - If your permission plugin supports region permissions, you can easily maintain graveyards (respawn to closest spawn point)
    - You can easily maintain who spawns where without RCON, just edit database via PHP
    - You can define spawn-point to group, so you will define it for more users at once.
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    refresh [sheep]
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    iwitrag I can do this for you, starting on it now
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    Thank you very much :) I'm very glad that someone will try do it.

    Good luck sir
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    iwitrag Well, it wasn't as easy as you might have thought (for me atleast), but it is done.
    I worked on it all the time since I said I started, but I think it is bug free and meets the features you asked for.

    command: /psetspawn [name]
    pspawn.setspawn - /psetspawn command default: op
    pspawn.spawn.[spawnname] - makes you spawn at that location
    pspawn.bypass.join - disables the effect when you log in default: op
    pspawn.bypass.death - disables the effect when you die default: noone

    It does have multi world support (That is how locations work)
    Do not change the permissions in Spawns.yml, that is just for the plugin itself

    If a player has more than one location permission, the one that is first set will be used (or the one highest in the list in Spawns.yml).

    There are some things that could be added like a command to remove a spawn location, but for now you can just remove the location and matching permission from the file and restart your server.

    I hope you like it and report back what you think :)
    btw I might post this on bukkitdev publicly later.

    Download link: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Wow!!! I have just tried it and it works amazingly !
    Also those bypass permissions works!
    [​IMG]For you
    No really, I'm very happy that you made it SOO FAST and it works in all ways like I needed. Thank you so much!

    And you should definitely make a bukkit page for this plugin, it's extremely useful, in combination with region permissions admin can easily maintain server graveyards in RPG servers etc...

    Some hints for future versions if you are planning develop more this plugin:
    - Save positions exactly (double) with pitch and yaw, so player will spawn just like admin defined it.
    - If a player has more than one location permission, make it, that he will spawn to the closest one (by distance in the same world)
    - Maybe some custom messages for each spawn? Something like: You have been teleported to Village of devil(admin will define those messages, with color nodes)

    Thanks again and I wish you lot of luck in future development.
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    iwitrag Thanks man glad you like it, I will defeneatly do the first suggestion, just to make it a little more acurate.
    As for the second thing I realy don't think that is possible right now, or it would atleast make everything a lot more complicated. It just picks the first match and then goes with that.
    I could look into custom messages, maybe at some point. We will se how it goes but it is a good suggestion.
    If you have any more ideas let me know

    iwitrag Update time! You will probably want to remove the first version completly and start over for this one

    Fixed locations, now being acuarate with pitch/yaw and exact coordinates (remove old locations and set them again, it will cry if there is data missing)

    Base command changed to /ps (aliases permissionspawns, pspawn), to allow for more features inside it
    /ps set/setspawn/add [name] - add or change spawnpoint
    /ps del/delspawn/remove [name] - remove spawnpoint
    /ps list - lists set spawnpoints (and their respective permissions)
    /ps tp [name] - teleport to that location
    /ps help - list of commands

    New permissions:
    pspawn.* - set/del/tp permissions (default op)
    pspawn.setspawn - /ps set command (default op)
    pspawn.delspawn - /ps del command (default op) - /ps tp command (default op)
    ^If you have any of these permissions you will also get /ps list and /ps help^

    Downloadd... <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Please report any bugs if you find them

    EDIT by Moderator: merged posts, please use the edit button instead of double posting.
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    Ok, I'm here with my report. Sorry for late reply, I've been busy in work.

    I cannot simply test the new version, because command /ps conflicts somehow with PointShop plugin and aliases /permissionspawns and /pspawn does nothing at all for me. Sorry
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    iwitrag Ah you didn't tahg me didn't notice sorry.
    That is kind of strange though, and I'm not to sure what to do about it.. officially /permissionspawns is the base command and /ps and /pspawn are the aliases.
        description: base command for Permission Spawns
        aliases: [ps, pspawn]
    Even if one conflicts I see no reason why the others wouldn't work. All 3 fine work fine for me on a test server.

    Just to rule out I uploaded the wrong one, try <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    If it realy doesnt work I'm clueless. You could just stick with the first one, most extra features are kinda pointless anyway.
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    This version works well for me.
    Just that wildcard permission does nothing. Using zPermissions.
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    Flamedek Are you going to make bukkit page for this? I think it's really good plugin and should have it's own page. :)

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