[Suggestion] Method for increasing a players mining speed!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Fallen_Advent, Nov 22, 2011.


Would you like this to be implemented into bukkit?

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    Hey guys, So lately I have wanted the option of being able to increase the mining speed of my players based on a permission node that they have, I however do not want to make them insta-mine. If anyone else wants this please vote above this post, I think it would be a really neat feature to have on servers with things like "Earth Clan" bonuses
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    Err... wrong forum. This is about the Bukkit website, not plugins.
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    Moved this to a forum a bit more appropriate.
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    Ah, so like a potion?
    Or like a command that admins use to edit player mining speed?
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    I was thinking of a bukkit API that allowed plugin developers to change the mining speed of a player

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