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    Hello everyone!

    I own a minecraft faction server. There is anvils at many of the warps, and at spawn. People use the anvils all the time, I have to replace them nearly 10 times a day at all locations, which is around a stack of anvils placed every round of replacing. This is a real pain, so I have an idea for a lightweight plugin that could stop this problem.

    Plugin name: PermanentAnvils or EverlastingAnvils
    Commands: /unb set - sets the current anvil you are looking at into a permanent anvil, meaning it will never break or become a damaged anvil no matter how many times it is used.
    Permission node: anvils.set
    Permission message: You can not use that command!
    /unb del - makes the anvil you are looking at back into a normal anvil.
    Permission node: anvils.delete
    Permission message: You can not use that command!

    Configuration: non really needed, as the purpose of this is to just create and remove everlasting anvils.

    If anybody could create a plugin similar to this, I would really appreciate it, it would save a lot of time and hassle :)
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    Ill try

    I can't do this sorry alot harder than it seemed xD as there is no event for anvils breaking
    If someone else wants to take this

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    Thanks for trying, it means a lot :D

    Really would appreciate it if someone else would take this project on.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Onlineids MacDev Not perfect but will give the same effect: listen to interactevent, if the anvil is damaged, repair the anvil, if not damaged do nothing?
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    I don't know much about coding, I can only code super simple stuff and can't code anything higher than BlockListeners (banning blocks, stopping blocks from being used), but if Onlineids could do something like that it would be extremely awesome, or another skilled developer.
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    Hey so i quickly drew this plugin up, but there is some differences between what you requested and the end result so disregard this if you are unsatisfied. Firstly, it affects all anvils, I couldn't figure out a way to make it possible to make this affect only a few anvils. Secondly, because this affects all anvils, there is no commands or permissions, its simply a drag and drop into the plugins folder and it works upon server launch. Hope this is does what you asked.

    Everlasting Anvils Download (Via Mega)

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