[Suggestion #1] Handgifts! Create chests to open with a click!

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    HandGifts! Create chests to open with a click!
    Have you actually realized the holidays are almost here? That is why I'm making this suggestion.
    What are HandGifts?

    HandGift [Hand-gift] noun:
    1. A box that can be opened in the hand.
    2. A handed gift.
    3. A chest from the game Minecraft, something placed into a chest and given to another player so they can place/open the gift.
    4. The main term of this article.
    5. A block from Minecraft with items in it.

    How to get a handgift:
    1. Give yourself some items and then grab anything you want to turn into a gift.
    2. Hold the gift item and do /handgift create (or /hgift c).
    3. There will be a chest with the item/block's name. Put the items you want to put in the handgift and then close the handgift.
    4. The gift should save with an id. It should have a lore that say:
    Right click to open!
    5. Place the gift on the ground or right click it. it should disappear and you get the chest inventory to take items out of.
    6. Have an admin do /hgift give [Your playername] [Gift ID], by finding the id using /hgift list


    handgift.* - Gives you all permission.
    handgift.create - Gives you access to make a handgift.
    handgift.list - Gives you access to list handgifts.
    handgift.delete - Gives you access to deleting useless or broken gifts.
    handgift.give - Gives you access to giving gifts.
    handgift.give.other - Gives you access to give gifts to other people.
    handgift.use - Gives you access to open and use handgifts.
    handgift.nohdelete - Gives you access to keep the handgift even when using it.

    */hgift can be lengthened by using /handgift instead.
    () - Not required
    [] - Required
    /hgift create,c (Gift Name) - Create a handgift using anything in your hand.
    /hgift help,h - Lists commands for HandGifts
    /hgift list,l (page) - Lists handgifts by name and ID!
    /hgift give,g [ID] (Player) - Gives a handgift
    /hgift delete,d [ID] - Remove a handgift, giving all items in it to you

    The papers are tips that can be given to the creator of the gifts. By default, there's three tips.


    #Allows people to give the gifts to others by command. If not, they have to drop the gifts.
    #Allows custom lore and name of gifts and items in them.
    #If true, anything can be turned into a handgift. If false, only chests can be HandGifts.
    #Allows gifts to have default names.
    (Any other config the developer wants)

    This is all I want.
    basically, Handgifts are a block or item that can be used to open a chest inventory to get 'gifts'.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    EmpireForever So basically an backpack plugin?
    Or portable chest
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    Good idea! I'll give it a go, if done well I can see it being used a lot :)


    can't do it atm, sorry
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    more like store items inside a block so you could give it to others so they can take the items.
    Kinda like a gift-givings thing.
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    The thing I see with this is that you can't save things into an item, making it impossible from what I understand. I think what Tim said about the portable chest would be a bettrr idea.
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    Make virtual chests and make them giveable ?
  7. jacklin213 Its like binding a custom inventory to a chest and open it when you have this chest held in your hand and leftlick ;)
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    Ah , that is a better way of doing it, but what do you mean by bind? You could change the chest name and when it is opened it will match a virtual inventory with the same name
  9. Thats what I meant, right ;)

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