Stupid Chargebacks. How do you win the cases?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by zecheesy, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I think a news letter is a pretty good idea actually. It serves a purpose and helps protect you from chargebacks...I might have to start doing that actually.
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    I am aware. I researched PayPal because that's what I've seen most people use. Personally, I think a merchant account is overkill for the average Minecraft server. Too many contracts, registrations, and formalities for the small amount brought in. (Unless you make lots of money of a MC serer)

    They will always give you a tracking number when you ship with them.
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    Indeed, but what am I to do? The money it would take to track them down, press charges, and take them to a small loses court far exceeds what I would lose if I just let it go.
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    So a question for those who have had charge backs before... How long has your server been up? Are the donations for a whitelist server or for a greylist or non-whitelist server? I am only curious, because when I started my server with the wife, that was one of our core worries when we opened up donations. We expected lots of charge backs.. But so far in the 3.5 months we have had our server up and the $3k+ we've received in donations, we've had no charge backs yet.

    I guess I will cross my fingers. Is there a set amount of time they need to charge back before Paypal will allow them to? 30/60/90 days? Or can they charge back whenever they want? Guess I'll just knock on wood for now :x
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    Over a year, greylist.

    It's not PayPal's choice if they allow chargebacks, they're completely done through their credit card company. The player tells their credit card company they didn't make the payment, then the credit card company asks PayPal for the money back, so PayPal takes it back from you. I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure most credit card companies have limits on how far back you can go, like 4 months.
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    I've won every chargeback, unauthorized, and claim that I've ever received without responding.
    No clue why.
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    Chargeback, or dispute?
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    It's probably the cute avatar.
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    Call paypal, Tell them you sell Digital Items = always Win.
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    WRONG. And it's clear you didn't read any of this thread.

    We're talking about CHARGEBACKS not DISPUTES.
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    How am I wrong, I havent lost a single dispute or chargeback. Ive even won Bank chargebacks...
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    Read all the posts in both threads.
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    Just lost $50.

    EDIT: should i just send a paper thing to the other 2 chargeback cases that havent been resolved yet?
    Ill get the tracking code..
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    State it as a purchase, not donation, ive found ive been alright after doing that, aswell as having ToS
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    So if they charge back, what do I say?
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    If its a donation doesnt it count as a gift and you no longer are legally forced to return the money? As it was donated to a cause?
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    No. It's only really called a donation within PayPal internally. It's just a normal payment.
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    oh thats interesting.
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    Unfortunately in this case there's nothing you can do. Once PayPal has made a decision I've never heard of them re-opening the case again.

    The only thing you could try is to protect yourself from future chargebacks. There are services like that can help you do this. They're not 100%, but it's much better than nothing.
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    Send them stickers. If they try to charge back, they'll lose xD
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    I wonder how big companies like Amazon handle this.
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    Lawyers and money.
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    I have a question,

    What happens if you make two paypal accounts and once you receive your donation, you send the money to your other account.

    So if I have Account #1 & Account #2

    Someone donates to #1, I will transfer the money to #2. Will Paypal remove the money from #2 to give back to the donator?
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    They put #1 in the negative.
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    So the lazy way to get away with it, is if you keep making paypal accounts?
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    No, you won't get away with it. They will hunt you down for the money if you don't reimburse them.
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    They physically ship stuff out and can provide PayPal with a tracking number/shipping information which is requested for both disputes and chargebacks.
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    are charge backs really that common enough to warrant going to all this trouble? I've been accepting donations for 1.5 years now and probably have acquired about $5000 in donations. Most of it goes directly back to my hosting company to pay for my server and the rest sits in my paypal as a buffer.

    Over the entire time of me accepting donations I've only had one case opened up against me and this was because paypal suspected a user of using a stolen Credit Card. In the end they reversed the donation and removed the $12.00 donation from my account.
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    Amazon was a very bad example, because they send you things :p. I mean like app-stores and things like that.
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    I'll tell you I've been running my server for about 7month and rhave acquired over 25,000 dollars in donations. Unfortunately chargebacks are a real pain since I've let go about 1k into little kids who buy the highest rank and charge it back the next day or when they stop playing on the server. Which deems unfortunate when I'm getting chargebacks for over 100+ at a time. The best way I deal with it is, get the ip from server and website. Geo track it to their PayPal address, state my terms and conditions, and cross my fingers. Ain't much else to do for virtual items and rewards.
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