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    Plugin category: fun

    Suggested name: Storm Survival ( couldn't think of a name for this, if you have a better name tell me)

    What I want:
    I would like a plugin like the walls but different;
    • There will be four islands, all islands are fairly close to each other and are all surrounded by one big lake with NO water, players who enter lake during building time will be killed and will turn into spectators.
    • An arena will be selected randomly
    • This plugin uses the whole server
    • When players join the server they will be spawned to a lobby that can be set with a command
    • The countdown will start once they are X amount of people in lobby.
    • Players can select a team ( yellow, blue, green, red) with a command.
    • all teams will be balanced so there won't be one player on red and 7 players on blue.
    • Let's player know if they were able to join the team they requested.
    • When game starts players will be spawned to their designated island
    • If players joins during game time they will automatically be spectators
    • Countdown again for 10 seconds, then game starts.
    • Players can now build and find resources.
    • If a player goes into the lake before it is filled with water they will be killed.
    • Players who are killed will turn into spectators.
    • A player have the option to revive, with a cost of X amount of money.
    • After X amount of time that will be displayed on the score board ( scoreboard format will be below) the lighting storm will start
    • during that time every X amount of seconds the lake will be filled with 1 block of water higher, only air blocks will be replaced with water.
    • It will continue filling until fully filled with water.
    • The storm will continue until a team wins
    • At that time players can swim/ sail to the other islands.
    • teams now have to battle (no friendly fire) with each other, the last team alive wins.
    • if time runs out the team with most players will win.
    • When a team wins the weather will change to sun and there will be a X seconds delay until server resets the map.
    • Also there will be fireworks in the color of the winning team around the map ( locations can also be set with a command) Fireworks will keep on launching
    • After the delay all players will be kicked back to hub.
    • Server will reset for the next game.

    Scoreboard in lobby format:
    Title: Storm Survival
    You are in TEAMCOLOR

    Scoreboard during game
    Title:Time until storm: BUILD TIME REMAINING

    Ideas for commands:

    /ss help - displays all commands
    /ss createarena <arenaname> - creates an arena
    /ss delarena <arenaname> -deletes arena
    /ss setlobbyspawn - set the the place where players will be spawned when they join server
    /ss tool - gives you a tool that lets you select the lake bounds and island bounds
    /ss setspawn <arena name> <team color> <index> - sets the spawns for the islands (index stands for the spawn number 1,2,3....
    /ss setspecspawn <arenaname> - sets the spectators spawn
    /ss setbuildtime <arenaname> <time in seconds> - sets the time until building time is over
    /ss setfightime <arenaname> <time in seconds> - sets the fight time
    /ss setwatertime <arenaname> <time is seconds> - sets the time that each layer of water spawns
    /ss setlake <arenaname> - sets the lake bounds using tool ADMIN
    /ss setfirework <arenaname> <index> - sets the locations fireworks will spawn
    /ss delfirework <arenaname> <index> - deletes firework spawn location specified
    /ss forcestart - forces the game to start in current lobby (only available during in lobby)
    /ss setmap < arenaname> - sets the map for the next game (only available during in lobby)
    /ss setrevivecost <cost> - sets the amount of money costs to revive.

    /team <red, yellow, blue, green> - Selects player's team (only available during in lobby) DEFAULT
    /revive - will revive a player for a cost of X amount of money. (only available during build time) DEFAULT
    /leave - kills then teleports player back to hub

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: 8/24/2014

    I understand this might be a big project and some will want to get paid for it, if so please leave an offer below
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