Storing UUID in line of sign

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by bars96, Dec 25, 2014.

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    Is be safe if I trim first 16 symbols of UUID to store it on sign line, or exist way to encode/decode it to (<=)16 symbols string?
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    Well it would be safe, I'm not sure if you would have collisions, it would be incredibly unlikely.
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    You could store values of 16 characters in the config which link to a uuid. So a config could go like this:

    0000000000000001:<insert UUID>
    (You could also do this the other way around)

    And then when you're creating / reading from the sign, search the config for that key and get the uuid by splitting the config value at the ':' part.
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    This wouldn't solve overlap issues, it would only create unnecessary overhead. You basically just said to create a uuid so you can match it to a uuid so you can use the new matched uuid instead of the original uuid.
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    You'd be able to store the whole UUID elsewhere instead of having to use the first 16 characters of a UUID which could potentially cause issues.
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