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  1. Hey all! So I will give the rundown of my plugin I want.

    I want players to be able to run a command such as /vault or /storage and it will give you "vault/storage" units you can select. When a player does for say, "/vault buy small" it will generate a small sized vault in pre-loaded blank world(keeping all players vaults/storage units in that world) They can access their vault/storage unit by doing /vault or /storage anywhere at anytime.

    What does it need?:
    MySQL support to save the players vault/storage unit data.
    any other required API you may need

    player commands:
    /vault help or /storage help
    /vault sizes (should list all the sizes, and price.)
    /vault buy <sizes>
    /vault info (this is so the developer of the plugin can give his info, and links)
    /vault(If a player does not have a vault, a message will display with the info from /vault sizes)
    staff commands:
    /vreload or /sreload
    /vault set <playername> (sets the point where a player will spawn if he/she types /vault or /storage)
    /vault create newsize <sizename> (Creates the size in the config, then

    Permissions(in order from top of commands, to bottom)


    More plugin info:

    When the plugin is first loaded into the server, i would like it to generate a blank(no blocks, just air) world with multiverse. When a player buys a vault, it will then generate a vault in that empty world.

    different features/config:
    in the config, I would like it to be possible to upload schematics in the vault folder, and then redirect them to the config(meaning that I can use custom made vault sizes.)If this is not possible, I would like a way to use my own schematics for setting up the vaults.
    Also in the config, I would like to be able to set the prices per vault, and set the amount of times a player can buy a vault.

    I will update this if I think of anything else, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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    Would it be acceptable to have a dependency on Vault? (The Economy/Permission API)
  3. you can use any dependencys you want. :p
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    -_- its called a chest! You haven't been playing minecraft for long, have you?
  5. Did not need to be rude. I have been playing since it just finished alpha, going into beta.

    The point of this was to give players there own place for storage. As a donation perk, and able to buy ingame, Now, if you are not going to do the plugin. Don't waste my time. Thanks :D

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    Lol wasting your time? Its criticism, if you don't like it, don't post ideas! (I have been around since paintings)
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    You could use PlotMe, but set it to make smaller plots (5x5 instead of 100x100). PlotMe has the ability to charge players to claim plots, so you can do that too.
  8. Good idea, But I still prefer the way of how I explained.

    You did not criticize anything. You insulted me on my knowledge of Minecraft, not my plugin idea.
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    Nope sorry, again if you don't like criticism don't have a flapjack picture
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    Also, /vault would be a no no, becuase it interferes with the API (Not sure exactly what it is) Vault.
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    If no one is gonna make him this plugin, why are you bothering him?
  12. Says the one who has a photo that hundreds of thousands of other people have. now please, leave me the HELL alone if you don't plan on doing my plugin.

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