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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by hdf76, Apr 24, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: MC Stock (Or whatever)

    What I want: Players can create companies, set company slogans, have IPOs, buy/sell stock, deposit/withdraw money into company accounts, and set payouts to shareholders. When a person buys a stock of a company the price of a share will go up by 5% of the share value. When someone sells a share it will go down by 2% in cost per stock. A company will have a maintenance cost which will be 5% every 48 hours of what the company has in its bank account. When the maintenance cost is withdrawn by the server, every shareholder (per share) will be paid a set percentage (by the owner of the company) of the account balance at the same time the maintenance cost is withdrawn.

    If a company goes bankrupt, the server will broadcast "&7[&4Alert&7] &b<company> &f has gone bankrupt!"

    Ideas for commands:
    /mcs create <company name>
    /mcs setslogan <company slogan>
    /mcs addowner <username>
    /mcs hire <username>
    /mcs ipo <percentage of shares total> <volume of shares> <share price> <payout per share>
    /mcs <company name> (Shows company name, owners/employees, and net worth)
    /mcs stock <company name> (Shows company name, share price and volume of shares)
    /mcs stocksell <company name> <amount of shares> (Allows another person to buy the shares once the perform a command to buy it.) (Consider it like a queue.)
    /mcs stockbuy <company name> <amount of shares>
    /mcs owned <username> (Shows what and how many stocks are owned by a player)
    /mcs me (Shows companies owned and what/how many stocks are owned by you.)
    /mcs resign (Player leaves a company.) (There must always be one owner at minimum.)

    Admin Commands

    /mcs delete <company name> (Deletes a company.)
    /mcs setowner <username> <company name>
    /mcs delowner <username> <company name>

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: As long as it takes.

    If you have any ideas of how to improve on this, please feel free to comment.​
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    @hdf76 This is an awesome idea, I love the idea of stock markets for some reason, I will give this a shot when I have more free time
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    Any way you can go into depth on the /mcs ipo command? :p

    and how do you want players to be able to buy and sell stocks? Do you want a command for it?
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    The ipo command is for an initial public offering, it's when people can actually buy stocks of a company. The percentage of shares total is how much of the total stock the owner wants to sell. So say he wants to sell 50%, then he keeps 50% while the rest are for sale. He'll get his pay out of the %50 percent. The owner can always sell his shares. The volume of shares is how many shares there will be total in the company. The percentage set will split the share volume. Share price cannot be 0, but it is what the shares will start selling for. The net payout per share also cannot be 0%.

    I guess I should have expanded on the stock price changing. When 2 people sell or buy the same stock, the prices will change by 2% down for selling and %5 up for buying of each share price. However the two people have to do it within 24 hours (real time) of each other.
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    I will try and see what i can come up with for this
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    Oh and I guess I forgot, but I need this for 1.7.10
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    How do yo want to handle the shareholder stocks in the case that the company goes bankrupt?

    Edit: Also, what would you like the physical stock market to look like? Would you like it to be a collection of signs in a world, or purely through the player console?
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    Really cool idea!
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    If a company goes bankrupt the players will still own the stocks, and the company will still be there. Just no one will get a payout because whatever percentage set of the company's money will always be set out to be zero until more money is added.

    I feel it's best that the stock market stays purely through the player console so it's less complicated to use. Also I'm hoping that the companys' bank accounts will be listed in the top balance list.
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    Very cool idea! I tried getting a company created a long time ago but nobody was able to make it... Hopefully now someone can and even better that it includes stocks!

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    @hdf76 I was just about to post this same idea! I would suggest making a gui control panel to manage your stocks and buy and sell.
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    I can just create a gui for it with another plugin. The simpler this is, the more likely it is to be made.
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    @hdf76 I could make this, it's a really awesome idea! I'll start on it now!

    @hdf76 Is it alright if that companies only have a certain amount of percentage before no more stocks can be bought from it because people own it already? I have great ideas for this plugin actually.

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    If I understood what you meant, whatever the owner of a company sets as the volume of shares and percentage to share, then he/she will own the rest of the shares not for sale.
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    @hdf76 @TheWolfBadger Not sure how the plugin is going... But just wanted you both to know I found a stockmarket plugin online and it works great! (If i had link id post it but you can probably find it through google)

    Anyways, looking back to this thread I was wondering / hoping at least the company part could be created because the concept of having players run companies is awesome!
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    The only stock market plugins that I have found are ones that track real stocks. That is something that I don't want.
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    @hdf76 oh yeah thats what the one i have does lol either work for me
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