Stepping up to save Bukkit

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gkid117, Sep 6, 2014.

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    I sent my amazing coder "FabeGabe" over to your guys as I can't code but he can quite well and I just wanted to help so skype him or something at megazoroark16 p.s. he replied to your Reddit "contributing how to help" post. I must say you must get the word out to more people! You emailed Mojang... Did you contact md_5 of Spigot? Cos their community is big atm as of their temporal fix for 1.8. I've spread the word btw cos EVRYONE desires to hear about this and get involved! The more the merrier right?
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    Contact mojang? Check. autoreply bukkit is down due to dcma cant help you have a nice day.
    Sent an email back that they definately can help, no response so far.

    Any cries for help on spigot gets ignored. Contacting md5 results in zero response.

    Most people just ignore us, bukkit is dead and stuff. Its not dead, it just needs a jump start.
    I havent been able to work on it the last two weeks due to very busy personal schedule but others like kiwi5000 have steadily contributed bits and pieces or corrected existing pieces.

    Any help in any form is greatly appriciated. Any code contributions must adhere to the rules in readme. We need a papertrail to prove its original code where there was no peeking in bukkit api code to set up a clean room.

    We get all the ingredients of the apple pie, but how to get it to end up as apple pie must be reinvented although the forbidden cookbook is still there.

    Such a stupid situation heh
  3. Can't code yet, but count me in.
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