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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gkid117, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Yes, one overrules the other. Guess which one.

    xxXSuPeRx123xGaMeRXxx His ambition to bring life back to Bukkit is admirable, if misguided. Your dismissal of him as a 'total idiot' is not at all admirable, and is nothing short of plain rude.

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    xxXSuPeRx123xGaMeRXxx in all good words if you dont like what you see why do you even bother looking at it then whining.
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    xxXSuPeRx123xGaMeRXxx sorry do you teach your kids to be just as rude as you

    xxXSuPeRx123xGaMeRXxx then why do you lie about your age on a community forum that is just sad

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  4. gkid117 I'd recommend you stop replying to him now. I've reported him for offensive behaviour & age.
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    xxXSuPeRx123xGaMeRXxx are you actually serious i am 13 years older then you, i think i know a little bit more about copyright laws then a 7 year old.

    Its kinda sad to prove that it is people like you are the reason the eula is getting enforced now and why bukkit and everything else is dead.

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  6. gkid117 Seriously, just ignore him.
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    Thanks, you can PC me with it
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    just go to my site and pm me and ill hook you up
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    The absence of Bukkit will force the community it's hand. From this, either there will spawn one or multiple smaller server mods to host servers, or the minecraft community will die completely. What happens right now depends on how much drive you have to pursue the ability to host server once again.

    Spoiler Alert: I don't see the minecraft community dying.
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    Tschallacka Mojang could easely save all this trouble and help bukkit.
    They have millions of dollars and they should realise that vanilla minecraft is junk.
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    Since Sponge isn't operational yet, I've continued along my path of a custom 1.8 server mod. I added support for plugins today.

    Even though the API is a "minimalist starting point", it already has enough features a plugin author could add kits, multiple homes, command-interaction games (like hangman), and all sorts of things.

    Adding a full Bukkit suite of support would take quite a while so I don't have plans to support existing Bukkit plugins any time soon. But it's something real/tangible as opposed to just plans. I'll evolve it by adding more event support, or until a better implementation surfaces.
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    ill try it and i can see if i can help you out, i just will not launch the compiler
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    No need to be cynical. Why I didnt help out before? Because I only delved in the world of bukkit three weeks ago when I set up my own server.
    Before that I knew it was there but I didn't have a purpose for it. But seeing an open source project die because a couple disgruntled youngsters make a fuss goes against my principles and then i'm willing to help out.

    Today I had a look through bukkit api code and had fun with that. Today I'm trying to find a source download of the latest craftbukkit build.

    If anyone has it i'd love to receive it.
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    Do not have the latest build, I do have a 1.7.10 build though. And access to a 1.7.9 build.

    Your way of naming classes is horrific.
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    Why start from scratch, there is a lot of boilerplate code that has to be put in place and then there's the testing.. its one thing to write the code its another to put it through some rigorous testing regimes to make sure "player hits block, player gets item" actually lets Plugin mod devs know the event worked etc.

    There are options available. The Bukkit API itself is just the cream layer but without CraftBukkit its essentially headless, so, right now the focus is on alternatives to that problem and settle in on mature code bases to build on from.

    I personally joined the CanaryMod team as for me the Bukkit overall is tainted, so given the similarities in hMod history (bukkit) and the way CanaryMod is written it just made more sense to put my backing behind that code base. I prefer the way they do Event hooking anyway .. breaking the events into smaller pieces to snack is far more efficient from an API versioning / management standpoint.
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    My understanding is that if the code is rewritten in a "clean room" environment, it can be done. Someone just has to remove all of the offending code and then it has to be rewritten by someone who has never seen the original code before. It will take time, but we could basically end up with a fully rewritten compliant copy of the current CraftBukkit from what I can tell. There just needs to be some record of the original "clean room" copy given to whoever recodes it.
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    Anyways, I'm not by any means the best dev out there, but if I can help out, count me in. :)
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    I am still looking for a git clone. If anyone has a recent download/clone of the source please contact me... I'm literally sitting at home fiddling my thubs until I can do something.
    Well, I can play on my server but I'd love to help out but I dont have a source to work with...
  19. Tschallacka When you make big claims and effectively dismiss the hard work that the good folks on the bukkit team have put in, while having nothing to show for yourself, we have a right to be sceptical. Also, distributing cb is illegal, but I'm sure you could obtain if you put the effort in.
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    I don't dismiss their hard work, i dismiss their childish attitude.
    I did put some effort in it but all is left online are compiled builds, no recent source repos.
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    ... Before i do that i'm just going to look for a source thank you.
    I've decompiled software before but its not my favorite thing to start out in a new project
  22. Tschallacka You'll encounter much worse when you come to deal with the nms side of things.
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    Oh yes I know. That I'm prepared for. But i'd like to work with clean code as mich as possible. And the commentary is important which you wont find in decompiled code.
  24. sfxworks Even if Curse are going to allow discussion of third-parties, I'm pretty sure spam will still be against the rules.
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    Yeah I know :/
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    Look discussing something is one thing... randomly spamming it repeatedly... is not discussion, its just spam.
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    Ok. I managed to get a copy of the most recent craft bukkit build and am now forming a plan to work on it. It will be a major overhaul of how craftbukkit will talk to minecraft. I name the project wolf in a bukkit. I made a subreddit outlaying the plan.

    I have only read through the code for the last 4 hours and the plan may be modified as i discover obstacles.

    Luckely its all just simple data manipulation. Complex but not hard.

    If you are interested in joining the project let me know, join the subreddit and we will talk of a way to get code in a legal way to you(which is possible in a legal way)

    I must confess this is the first time ever worrking with craftbukkit and there may be a lot I dont know. That is why i need people who do know craftbukkit to help work on it to speed up the process of making craftbukkit and independant project of the minecraft server jar and compatible with wolf in a bukkit hopefully without breaking any plugins.(thats the biggest hurdle imho)

    Join me on the subreddit and see how you can help and have any comments on the approach of the project.

    First milestones will be to get a git up and running with org
    Bukkit code without the minecraft server jar. That way editing on the craftbukkit will be easier. The wolf in a bukkitinecraft server jar modifications can only start when all craftbukkit original code has been replaced by new code.

    People who work on wolf in a bukkit will lose copyright over their materials though as it will be signed over to the wolf in a bukkit project.

    Please let me know if you are onboard.
  28. Tschallacka A lot of developers wouldn't really like to sign over their copyright. Also, do you have an ETA for a functioning CraftBukkit?
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