Stepping up to save Bukkit

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gkid117, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Remember you also have to rewrite it without using any of his code as a basis for your rewrite. So.. good luck :p
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    Without craftbukkit, minecraft is just NOT worth playing.
    Simple as that.

    People that worked on CB did a better job then mojang.
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    Actually you can use anything as a basis of a rewrite.
    His code is gpl. I am free to use and modify it to my hearts content to the point its all my code and not his code.

    That way his copyright claim is invalidated for my version that I add since I wrote the modified code.
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    I may not be the best coder, but I would be willing to do whatever possible to help support the Bukkit community, even if it involves coding it from scratch. Count me in!

    Also, I don't know if anyone else realizes this, but the talk about abandoning the Bukkit project for the mod API that will be "coming soon" is probably not good. People talked like this in 2012 and no more progress toward the mod API for minecraft has come out.
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    Fair use is the common ground that allows people to use the code without no legal mumble jumble
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    Hahahahahahaha... you are sadly misinformed there.
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    Craftbukkit consists of a much larger team than mojang. But without mojang craftbukkit would not be existant.

    Stop griping about mojang. Be grateful that they don't enforce their copyright and eula and trademarks and allow this community to exist.

    Drop the fair use. His code is full blown gpl. That means you are free to use and modify however you want.

    Just modify it to the point all code written is yours and all his code is gone.

    You can still use same function/method names that accept same variables, the code in the function itself must be different in order to invalidate his copyright.

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    Actually the issue is that the GPL is invalid, as such the copyright defaults to All Rights Reserved... So your entire argument is invalid.
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    Violated != invalid

    Mojangs code violates gpl terms. Wolve can try to enforce gpl trough dcma by a takedown untill all code distributed is gpl compliant.

    Also it has always been and shall always be mr wolves copyright.

    Thats why we have to replace his code OR remove all non gpl code from bukkit to prevent similar claims from others that have a gripe.

    The gpl has never been and cannot be invalidated. Mr wolve cannot revoke the gpl license on that code. He can only enforce that everything is gpl compliant

    Personally i'm looking more to option number two and have plenty ideas for it.
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    For this new Sponge project, maybe we could make NMS easier? Rename the methods to be understandable. I'd love that.
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    Well, for bukkit i'm planning to do an understandable namechange and pretty much an overhaul.

    I don't know how the rest of the devs feel about bukkit going in a new direction of clear code and gpl compliance.

    I feel like this is a new wind in bukkit and its time for new people to step up.

    My first focus is going to be make bukkit full gpl. Then? Enough to do.
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    Hopefully some plugin devs on Bukkit will carry over their work to Sponge. I wouldn't want to completely re-build a 40 plugin Bukkit server from scratch.
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    Apologies, the word I was looking for was non-compliant. But again, rewriting his code is moot it you remove the mojang code, however, removing the mojang code is a lot more difficult than you think.
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    I know I will be converting, also ShadyPotato is working on Pore, which is a bridge for Bukkit Plugins onto Sponge.
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    I beg to differ. But then again i've always done projects my employers deemed needing tens of thousands of dollars of experts until I came along and just simply did it.

    Coding is so boringly easy its more a grind than hard. Really. Minecraft code is simple and easy to make it into a gpl compliant construct. It takes a bit of time and a rewrite of some core bukkit files.

    Having a hacker mentality and a good memory and analytical powers help though :)
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    In all seriousness if such a thing does/will exist, I'm totally onboard with sponge. :)
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    Is there an official Sponge repository?
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    agent6262 Sponge is still in the planning stage, no code has been made yet.
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    Then where is it being talked about?
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    agent6262 On its IRC channel, #Sponge on
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    I think that sponge can exist, but can never be a replacement of bukkit or any of the other projects.
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    #RememberBukkit Jan/2011 - 6/Sept/2014
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    We are not done yet, we are still trying to kick and stay alive
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    How exactly do you want to do that? The code is DMCA'd, downloads are down and most of the staff have stepped up.
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    Excellent! We'll have a new release next Monday then! Be sure to let us know.
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    This is terrible for those that are starting a server right now (aka me). I cant get bukkit to start the server. I cant get spigot either. The vanilla server is crap. Only 1 world? Why do you want that? Its like single player but with more people. That makes my premium minecraft account useless. I bought it because I wanted to play minigames. And I cant believe that new servers cant be made because they simply cant download bukkit or spigot. Ill try to help.
  27. Oh magical and powerful overlord Tschallacka I have four questions

    1) Why didn't you volunteer to help Bukkit out before? And if you did, why didn't they take you on?
    2) When will we have a GPL compliant CraftBukkit released for 1.7 (I think it'd be best to focus on that first)?
    3) If you "rewrite all his code to the point it's not his code anymore" then surely the license isn't an issue, since you basically just write your own code?
    4) Have you contacted Mojang? If you intend to carry on the bukkit project, you should probably let them know about that. After all, they're the ones in charge now (and already it's falling apart - pure coincidence of course)

    As desht says, let us know when you're through, but should be a couple of weeks tops, right? :)
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    i can hook you up with my copy of spigot if you need it
  29. gkid117 So, break the forums rules as well as the law? Nice!
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    There is the law, and there is a duty to help the new server owners in this community where it is suppose to be safe and where they can come to ask for help and get it. and as for the forum rules all i have is spigot.
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