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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gkid117, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,
    You may not know who I am and I give that due to the amazing size of the Minecraft server community as a whole, but I have used Bukkit ever since the first moment I was able to use it. Since I have seen all of the Bjukkit community and staff leave or leaving, I can not let something that me and my Minecraft community see to not exist anymore. We all remember why we make servers and plugins, its to have friends and make friends along the way. That was the intent why I made my servers, and even though I use spigot now its still the same community and the same fork.

    I want to help the community and not see it fall to a horrible death, I know I do not fully understand the ways of Bukkit and the internal functioning of how the project runs, but I want to get permission from not only the community but also Mojang to take control of the Bukkit public relations and to help guide Bukkit back on its track so we can see Craftbukkit and spigot return into development so we do not loose that best thing that a lot of us has seen in any game that we had possibly played.
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    We can't leave Bukkit die so easily. Bukkit have been a huge part of the Minecraft community and it can't die that easy. We must try to keep it alive, in my case I can help with developing or doing whatever is needed to keep what have been the biggest community project in the mc history alive. Good luck Bukkit.

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    I totally agree. I woke up today to see a storm of goodbyes, which was really disappointing. Count me in, I'd help try to keep Bukkit alive.
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    I have reached out to contact mojang through email i hope i hear back soon.
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    I can't code but i'll help :) count me in
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    The entire development team of bukkit quit. You folks unless you have 2-4 years of bukkit server coding experience backed with another 5 years of Java coding experience have ZERO chance of saving this project.

    Sadly I think this is what Mojang desired. This is what happens Notch when you allow lawyers to run your company while you stick your head in the sand and laugh yourself to sleep on your bed of money.
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    Sponge has already stepped up to the task. Join #sponge on irc
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    on what irc client?
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    Any IRC client...

    Planning to save Bukkit, doesn't know IRC clients are universal...
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    Can we frame that and make that my quote?
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    Gamecube762 just because he doesn't know about IRC clients doesn't mean he doesn't have a goal. realistically he probably could run it better than you. But this is a wonderful community and without it many thousand servers will shut down.

    which IRC channel do we join

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    Never knew that they were even close to universal, you learn something new everyday.
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    gkid117 Contact mojang by email...alright, do you think mojang has no idea what is happening right now? Well...they do notice it at least, so contacting them by emial from a random dude on the bukkit forums won't help. Mojang didnt even run the DMCA, Wolveress, a developer of bukkit , did. So contacting moajng (not to mention their most likely spammed inbox) will do crap. Mojang cant lift this DMCA, they dont seem to have the legal rights to do so, that, and what do you plan on writing in this email? I gkid117, am asking for your minecraft server source, now if you can just attach it right here..
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    Well you see i want to try and take control of only part of what evilseph did as part of his amazing job, and since there is no devs or bukkit staff really left, its time for the community to step up and try to fix where all the issues started because at the end of the day its a community project not a only a few people have control of the project
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    Alrighty then well, you got one option, rewrite Wolverness's code, ok then, on with it. ....What are you waiting for?

    You can't develop bukkit, if you can't code, that is pratcially what this thread is trying to say.

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    The community IS stepping up, we are creating sponge.
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    Creeoer I know I cant but i can help in other ways
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    Soak up all bukkits mistakes. Don''t repeat...
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    Sponge is not bukkit, and what i heard from Sponge for my view it sucks :/ Sorry
  20. People probably said the same about hMod, but it is dead.
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    Well i just forked wolvenesses project so i can make changes that are different then his and hopefully try to send it to the main craftbukkit github
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    You're going to be breaking his copyright ownership. Enjoy legal trouble.
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    Sorry i thought removing his code and rewriting it wasn't illegal, but i love how all people can do is complain about legal issues and is doing absolutely nothing to try and save the project
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    gkid117 Considering there isn't much we can do without running into legal troubles...
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    You'll be rewriting 30,000 lines of code and entire updates.
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    If you are really really really that determined, you probally would at least TRY and rewrite the code, cause in my view, trying to acheive something (and a good try) is as good as replacing the missing code. I mean people can say you'll be doing bla you'll be doing that, if you're really that on the point, go for it I guess. (Assuming there are no legal troubles)
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    A better idea is to start from scratch and learn from the mistakes we made previously and I relies there are a lot leadership and legal issues that come with that, but if the community wants a new server interface they will make it happen. But this is just my position on the issue.

    On the other hand if the community wishes to keep bukkit alive and succeeds, i will step up as a coder and fill a position the community needs.
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    Which is exactly what #Sponge is doing.
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    Sponge is new, doesnt have a codebase as of yet and is just talk.

    Is it only 30.000 lines of code? I can't help but laughing at that. Thats like a weeks work.

    I'm stepping up too and will help removings wolves code and see about making this a patcher model to prevent any other dcma claims.

    Its just childish that this is going on this way but i hate to see a good open source community project go to waste.

    The elite just got fed up, well guys, its open source. Tough luck. I'm taking the code and gonna do my thing with it.
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    I can actually claim on fair use of the code making that we are not getting money and we can technically get the suit to be dropped, if mojang actually reads this, i want to do the community good because not only does this community need the code so does spigot, mcpc, and cauldron. But we need mojang to claim it is only a community non-profit project where the devs are not using it for money. This is what i asked of mojang, i wanted to become the head of public relations and head community admin. Because if you split up the jobs just a little more it becomes more manageable and the community that actually cares will step up or we all loose something that we all use.
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