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    Plugin category: NOT SURE

    Suggested name: StepToRank

    What I want: I need a plugin that will just make only one purpose, to rankup a member to the next higher rank by and/or when stepping a pressure plate.

    Ideas for commands: NON

    Ideas for permissions: StepToRank.*

    When I'd like it by: As soon as it is available?
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    daavko Like from member to vip
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    KenoVincent Permission groups? I believe that most permission plugins have commands for this. What permission plugin are you using?
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    daavko I use GroupManager

    The groups are as follows:

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    extended_clip I've seen and tried it already. I dont need other features and All I want is the feature I posted.
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    Use ezcommandblocks, mycommand or another plugin you can set pressure plates to run commands.
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    Happy coding then!
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    extended_clip I dont know how to code and please don't insult me just because I can't do so. Is it not obvious that I can't code? This is why i'm here in the first place. It is so simple to say that this is not doable right? Should your sarcasm and insult helped? NO!
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    I tried to give you solutions. If I wanted the same feature you were requesting. I would be able to make it work if I really wanted to with plugins that are already available. I told you, MyCommand allows you to set commands to pressure plates. You can set /manpromote <player> to the pressure plate and it would do EXACTLY what you are requesting. If you would rather someone waste an hour or 2 just to make a plugin that another plugin will do just to make you happy then I feel that is kind of rude and selfish dont ya think? I wasn't trying to be rude but if you can't take the advice and use a plugin that is available if it would suit your needs, then learn to code yourself.

    The only reason I say this is because what developer wants to make a public plugin and waste 1-2 hours for a feature only 1 person wants. And the same feature others are using with already available plugins...

    Edit: EZRanks would also do exactly what you want, and all that "extra crap" is disabled if you only choose to use a location requirement..... There are many ways available to make it work. Just be creative. You do not need a brand new plugin for every feature you think of...

    Edit2: I remember back when I started my server, I configured MyCommand, GroupManager, and MasterPromote to give my server the most awesome rank up system. This was before I learned Java and I still remember everyone always used to say "man clip this rank system is so awesome! Did you code it yourself?" No the thing was I tried to be creative and used the plugins I had available to me to make what I wanted to work how I wanted.

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    Yes you tried to give me solutions and I don't find them useful isn't that enough reason? And sticking to my plugin request here is wrong now in Bukkit? You tell me.

    The problem with you is that you are forcing me to use those plugins that I'm not interested and I tried those already what are you in Bukkit or Who are you to look at me less here? Just because you developed lots of plugins you already have the rights to step on other people. And depriving me to request here is defeating the purpose since request is freely available for this community. What kind of a member are you?

    Yes, you're arguments re right but you are soooooo RUDE. You could just ignore this if you are not interested. The problem is YOU LOOK AT MEMBER LIKE ME LESS BECAUSE I CAN"T CODE!

    Congratulations for being the most liked member here.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Both of you need to drop the attitude. Immediately

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