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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by khazoids, Feb 28, 2012.

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    It's been a while since I've used bukkit and my IP has been reset. Can someone help me with port forwarding again? I tried setting up a static IP but when I do, I lose connection to surf the web.
    I am using a vista
    I have a Netgear router
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    you cannot freely set your static ip, your internet provider gives you a few to choose from.

    Alternative to static ip:
    signup, download small program, you're done. now people can just connect to domain name. I use it myself, haven't had any problems except you have to reactivate it after a certain amount of time. (can be done by some link thingy that they email you)
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    Is it possible to change it on your own without any programs? My purpose is to setup a minecraft server once again
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    dark navi

    Most routers have a DDNS setup. Check your router settings for it, and it will automatically update a DNS server with its IP for you.
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    I don't really know much about routers and IP's but i'm basically asking how to port forward a minecraft server and it says you reqire a static IP. I want to setup a static IP on my own without any programs assisting.
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    You do not need to setup a static IP.. your IP RARLY changes.. just port forward your current IP and itll be fine. And as for port forwarding type in your browser and go from there.. its simple, and if you cant figure it out then Google your router model (its different for every router) and im sure youll find something.
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    Nathan C

    If you have Qwest (now CenturyLink), you can purchase static IPs for a fee.
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    I have a netgear router and all I have to do is port forward my dynamic IP? so I port forward 192.168.01? (default gateway)
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    With the static Ip, How are you making it minecraft when it is abviously for the internet? How are you making it for minecraft?

    With the static Ip, How are you making it minecraft when it is abviously for the internet? How are you making it for minecraft?

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    Well the obvious problem is that you have a Vista :/
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    This is what I used to port forward. It has pretty much every router, and if it doesn't have yours, usually all of the routers from the certain make are the same for PFing. For the static IP, some ISPs require you to upgrade to a small business for a static IP which would also increase your payment. Hope this helps!
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    STOPPPP @OP all you need to do is portforward 25565 to your static ip. If you want to use a Dns to make sure even when your external ip changes your DNS will auto obtain it.
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