Starting brand new server need admins/builders

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Privatepartshax, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Well im starting a server I used to have one awhile back but i ended it due to school but now im starting fresh with new spawns/plugins and a new community. I have big plans for this server but i am gonna need some help PM me if you are interested in helping on this new server. You must have skype if your interested in being an admin or builder

    Everything is brand new we will have to decided on some things like:

    - Creative or Survival?
    - Server theme?
    - Plugins?
    - Server Name?
    and many other things

    We will need to build:

    - New Spawns
    - New Towns
    - New buildings
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    Considering what your username is, I don't want to go anywhere near anything you make.
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    i dont get it
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    id like to be a mod please :D i have been a mod on quite a few servers (cant remember which ones tho xD)

    the sethome, back, and some other ones

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    hey, you there? i would like to join please :p
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    you MUST have AdminCmd, mob arena and permissionsEX for plugins, and creative servers are easy to grief without worldguard, so survival, but trusted people get creative, and I dont think you should have a theme, good luck!
    - Aaron
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