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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ashikanath, Mar 17, 2020.

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    I am pretty much what many could call a "minecraft server veteran". I have started four different servers, and they all came to an end after about a year because of a sad reason: barely no players ever. I am thinking of starting a new server, and I would like to know how to start up a successful server. Should I advertise? Should I spam? Should I make my server stupid and simple? Please tell me what I should do so that finally, I will be able to make a new server and have no reason to shut it down.
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    @ashikanath There is no single solution that will keep the server running forever.
    People get bored of doing the same things all the time, that is just the way it goes.
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    The server itself is not the reason for the shutdown, nor the advertisement or spam. Its the player engagement. That is what you should focus on.

    How often do you interact with the playerbase? How do you interact with them? Is new content being added to the server, giving a reason to come back?

    A server I have been joining recently *(Defaultcraft), just went through a server reset for the 1.16 snapshot. This brought back all the players that originally left once they finished everything they could on the original world. This simple reset was the "new content", and now the server went from 4 players daily to close to 20, with new players still continuing to join only after three days.
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    too late as it seems to me.
    already formed communities and familiar places
    it's like a mall against a seedy little shop
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    Denoroydon is right. But if you are still willing to try how about post live games on social media like facebook or youtube? That might help..
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    I started several servers too, and only one was successful. I tried Survival, Skyblock, Factions, a multiworld server with a bit of everything, and all failed miserably. Power-hungry kids came to ask if they could be staff, then left if I said no. I only ever had one player who seemed interested in playing, and it turned out to be an xrayer. And that was over several years. Then I learned to develop plugins and made a huge Halo plugin that was unlike any other. It was unique to my server and it was a huge and ambitious project. It had Spartan Ops where you could play against enemy Elites, a variety of guns, swords with lunging, a custom health+shields system, several PvP arenas, Grifball, SWAT, Infection, a sandbox mode where each player could build their own map and set spawns and invite friends to play in, and a level up system. Players were immediately captivated by it and I had a steady set of players and growing community. It could have been bigger actually, but I had some bugs I wanted to work out in the plugin before I really stepped up the advertising. I never got around to it, so it ran for a few years before I shut it down.

    Anyway, I guess there were two things that made it successful: first it captured interest by promising something familiar (Halo) and interesting, and then it delivered. For the first part, unfortunately you might have to do what I did and piggyback off the success of something else familiar. For the second part, you need a developer like me if you can't make plugins yourself.

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