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    Hey there guys,

    Name: RageMod

    RageMod is a Bukkit plugin that was started a while ago, so I'll give a brief background before plugin information:


    RageMod was originally being developed by somebody called TheIcarusKid - He wrote most of the plugin, although now a lot of code has been changed, as that was 7-11 months ago. He couldn't write the plugin any more, so he passed the project on to a developer named Pandemoneus - He was an extremely good developer, however he made some major mistakes.

    The plugin originally used it's own NPC system, Pandemoneus was changing it to use Citizens, but didn't realise that a lot of NPC information (characteristics, skins and others), still needed to be stored in the RageMod database. Because of this he deleted some majorly important files.

    Almost 3 months ago Pandemoneus stopped working on RageMod, two months later I picked up the project, and was joined by Perdemot, who also works on the project currently. I have no huge expertise, but he is a great coder. When we had worked on the project for a few weeks, I managed to contact TheIcarusKid, and he helps us out a bit. This, however, is when we realised Pandemoneus' mistakes. Perdemot and I decided to backdate our GitHub repository to TheIcarusKid's old one. We started development on this one by salvaging as much as we could from the old repository.

    The Plugin Info And Features:


    /lot - Lot command, can be used to claim, sell, or do multiple other things with lots.

    /npc - NPC command, can be used to create, delete, rename or do other things with NPCs

    /npctown - NPC Town command, can be used to create, disband, or do other things with NPC towns.

    /town - As NPC Town, but a player town rather than an NPC Town.

    /permit - Allows staff to give players temporary building permissions in Rage City (players can build on their own lots anyway).

    /compass - Allows a way of navigating to zones or lots.

    /bounty - Allows users to set or remove bounties. Staff can remove all bounties.

    /language - NPCs have different races, each with their own language.

    /speak - Players can learn languages based on skill points and speak the ones they have learnt with auto-translation.

    /quest - RageMod features a very large questing system. Some of which are repeatable, some aren't.

    /debug - In-game debugging commands.

    /rage - Plugin commands.

    /faction - RageMod includes factions.

    /home - Only settable with beds.


    ragemod.admin (inherits ragemod.admin.smitemobs + ragemod.admin.debug)
    ragemod.admin.smitemobs - Gives admins protective shields against mobs if enabled.
    ragemod.admin.debug - In-game debugging commands access.

    ragemod.build (inherits all the below in this chunk)
    ragemod.build.anylot - Allows building in any lot.
    ragemod.build.anytown - Allows building in any town.
    ragemod.build.npctown - Allows building in any NPC town.
    ragemod.build.capitol - Allows building in the capitol.
    ragemod.build.travelzone - Allows building in the TravelZone.

    ragemod.lot - Allows access to lot commands.

    ragemod.assign - Allows user to claim lots regardless of other factors.

    ragemod.evict - Allows user to evict people from lots.

    ragemod.ismoderator - Flag permission for sending certain messages.

    ragemod.permit (inherits ragemod.permit.capitol)
    ragemod.permit.capitol - Allows user to give permits to build in the capitol.

    ragemod.npc - Allows user to use NPC commands.

    ragemod.npctown - Allows user to use NPC town commands.

    ragemod.referee (inherits the below in this chunk)
    ragemod.referee.blockpvp - Player cannot PVP in war.
    ragemod.referee.inspectspawn - Player can TP around towns in war.

    ragemod.bounty (inherits all bounty permissions)
    ragemod.bounty.createsign - Allows user to create bounty signs.
    ragemod.bounty.signcreate - Different from createsign - Allows the same thing through a retarded method that Perdemot wants to keep for some reason.
    ragemod.bounty.add.normal - Allows user to create bounties in one area at a time.
    ragemod.bounty.add.global - Allows user to create bounties globally.
    ragemod.bounty.removeall - Allows user to remove all bounties.

    Other Features:

    • Uses Vault
    • The Capitol city is 100% protected.
    • Built in donation tracking system.
    • All player's stats and info are held in a database.
    • NPCs can be traders or questers, or just regular NPCs.
    • Five different races, each with their own learnable language
    • Uses Spout for custom NPC skins
    • Highly configurable.
    • Extensive zoning system whereby the further you go from spawn the more dangerous it is.
    • Towns integrate with the zoning system.
    • Uses MySQL
    • Cool things like custom NPC skins.
    • Much more!
    For a full list of development targets, please see the following link:
    Any developers interested in helping should either contact me or fork the repository and create pull requests on GitHub.
    The source code is viewable at http://tiny.cc/rmcode - Do not copy and paste, it is not allowed under RageMod's license.
    Have any questions? Contact me via Skype: ytdzine
    We have had several successful RageMod builds, but none of them have been up to a releasable standard. The plugin will be released as soon as possible:
    BukkitDev page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ragemod/
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    Still searching.

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