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  1. I know that the previous stargate mod didn't really get continued and it took another person to pick up the pieces in order to release a working version, but I would love to see some form of stargate/portal teleport system.

    Possibly with a few custom designs instead of the same 5x4 door of obsidian, to add variety or the ability to make them slightly more hidden if inactive. Perhaps it could be made so you have to use multiple switches to turn on the power that you can hide and connect with redstone for a really complex/advanced design and the simple designs work the same as current stargates.

    Also an option to have them on continuously controlled by an on/off switch or command would be awesome if it's at all possible to do that between two distant places.
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    It is indeed possible to do custom door sizes with Stargate already in the hMod version. It's being ported to Bukkit as far as I'm aware, though I have nothing to do with its development.
  3. That's nice to hear ^^ just made my day with that news alone heh, I'll keep an eye out ty.
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    It's my project. The reason it kinda slacked a bit at the last update was because I was too busy working on this, sorry! :(
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    So was that a "I'll pick it up again when things slow down a bit" or a "I want to pick it up again, but I don't I'll have the time"? Or were you making no statement either way, and I'm just trying to read too much into things?
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    my only complaint is how loud they are. is there a way to disable the sound files in SMP?
  7. @Dinnerbone - I think it's an awesome mod :) sorry I don't really pay attention to the goings on of things with development of plugins, unfortunately I'm one of these selfish players that just expects it to be there when I want it lol. BUT I do appreciate the effort made and the time that goes into these things, so thanks for a great mod and keep up the good work with Bukkit.

    @Masau - I'm being hopeful.... positive thinking promotes positive attitude! Come on StarGate/Portal Mod! :cool:

    @talbot - I've no idea sorry.... just thought I'd add you to the list so you don't feel left out though :D
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    Umm hit ESC and change the volumes...
  9. @Selbram - but then you can't hear the joyful sound of pick on stone :(?
  10. the sound files are programmed into the portal tile to switch them off you would eather have to modify your cleient or find a rapper which overiddes certain sounds
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    It was a great mod, and definatly was very light in terms of its consumption of server resources... I'm happy it's being ported ^^!
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    yes. thank you.

    this would be a great feature of bukkit no? custom sound packages that can be swapped out like custom textures?
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    Anything that modifies the client is beyond the scope of this mod.
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    ah, sorry for bringing it up.
  15. the server owner could just change it from a portal block to something else like a water block

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