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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: StallIt (??)

    What I want: The idea is to have a stalling system like common mmorpg's, where players have to be online to sell items in stall. Also they can't move while stalling.

    For example: I want to sell some cobblestone I just go to the market place (a place where people gather to sell things by stalling etc.) and set up my stall. Other players can then click on my stall or me to open up a chest interface/grid. The main feature would be that I have to be online and standing still to stall, but I can be afk.

    As far as I've looked till now, I just haven't found a plugin like that.

    Ideas for commands:
    /stall open - to set up a stall. After typing that command a chest appears in-front of player and he/she can start adding items in chest and also set prices.
    /stall close - closes the stall and places all the items back to player invertory
    /stall edit - allows user to modify current stall.

    Ideas for permissions:
    stallit.stall - allows players to set up a stall.
    stallit.see - allows players to see other players stall

    When I'd like it by: I know that it's not that simple plugin so no hurry.

    I'm open for suggestions.​
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    I'll see what I can do.
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    How about choosing the price.... how would the player do that?
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    I use a plugin, where I can use npc's as traders. And it has a nice chest interface. There I just put items I want in the grid, then click on change price item which is in bottom right corner of the grid and after that simply click on the item I just put in the grid with an item in my hotbar. And certain items add certain amount of price. For example, if I click the item which I put in the npc's shop with a sword, then it adds a price of one. If i click it with cobble stone, it adds price of 100. Also when right-clicking, it decreases the price.
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    Basicly, this plugin works perfectly and amost fulfill my needs, but unfortunately I can't use economy with that.
    Thank you for offering that. Still looking for solution.

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