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Is this plugin a good idea?

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  1. I think I would use it...

  2. Under what circumstances would this be used?

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  3. I wouldn't use it, but it's a good idea.

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  4. This is horrible.

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    Hello Bukkit forums plugin makers!
    I'm just here to request one of my ideas to become a plugin.
    I'm guessing a few of you have heard of the HerobrineAI plugin. You can summon Herobrine with a spawner and he stalks players.

    I'd like to expand on that.
    Now, before you criticize me, I'd like to tell you a bit.
    I don't want this to be a copy of that plugin.

    This could be very useful for many players who would like this, and who don't know how to script.

    A NPC player entity would randomly walk around the world, stopping and staring at players every once and a while.
    • He could be spawned with the /stalker spawn command (?)
    • It could be edited (possibly renamed, skin changed, other configurations) in the Stalker\Config.yml file
    • More ideas coming shortly
    Any suggestions? Feedback? Please post them below in the comments.
    Thanks for your time, I'll see you later.

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