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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by RanterMC, Jun 23, 2015.

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    right now I'm making Staff Chat and I want to ask how can I do like rank staff chat.
    I mean for example:
    Moderator has a red rank color
    Admin has dark red rank color
    And in staff chat how can I make it so that you can see rank in the chat?
    Like that:
    [STAFFCHAT] UserAdmin: HelloWorld!
    [STAFFCHAT] UserMod: HelloWorld!

    How can I do that ^ ?
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    Do something like this for all possible prefixes, then when you're sending the message do playerPrefix + player.getName();
    2. String playerPrefix = "";
    3. if(player.hasPermission("staffchat.admin")) {
    4. playerPrefix = ChatColor.DARK_RED + "ADMIN ";
    5. } else if (player.hasPermission("staffchat.moderator")) {
    6. playerPrefix = ChatColor.RED + "MODERATOR ";
    7. }

    P.S. You should go in decending order, example Admin > Moderator > Pre-Mod > Helper > Default
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    I mean I don't want prefixes, just a coloured name..
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    do the same as above, minus the "ADMIN" text
    Nix that, that will just color the text that follows.
    You can change player.setDisplayName() to be colored
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