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    I need developers to make a plugin for me (i cant make it by myself because i havent got permission to download programs from the internet...).

    The plugin must have:

    The plugin name has to be: zombie-staff
    No MySQL requires
    Easy to set-up
    The plugin has to be a plugin that when you place signs on a wall and you select them with world edit, type a command (it doesnt matter what kind of command it is) and it shows a list of all staff-members (no default groups)(optional: select in the config file witch groups will be shown on the sings) and if they are online or offline (optional: offline= color dark red - online = color light green)
    and the groupname and the name of the player has to be the color of the group...

    thanx if someone can make it for me!

    ps sorry for my bad English, if you have questions about the things that the server must have or if you dont understand what i mean, leave a comment and i will answer it a.s.a.p.
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    Is this even possible???? Why don't you just make a board with all your staff member's names in color? or if you want to see which staff members are online just insatll ReportRTS or ModTRS
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    My plugin, PrettySigns, will have a similar idea to this very soon.
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    yes i could do that, but i just want to know if this is posible and if someone can make it. there are some plugins (survivalgames, walls etc..) that can have a score board. so i thought that it is posible but i dont know how to make it... so if someone can make the plugin? thanx


    that is a nice plugin, but essentials has got that feature already... and i dont want a sign wall with all staff on it and i manualy need to add/remove staff. there are donator ranks on my server and i dont want that every time someone donate i need to add his/her name and remove it when the rank is over... so thanx for that plugin but i dont want to use it, good luck with all your plugins!


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    Actually the whole process would be automated with the option to manually override. The way the staff sign(s) will work is if the player has a certain permission then it will show them as online. If they don't then they will not be included on the wall. The will be updated automatically when a player is online/offline and an option can be added to show when the last date/time the staff member was online.
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    sorry for my bad english but what do you mean witht his? That what you just said is exactly what i want if a plugin can do that.
    sorry if i get you wrong...

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    This is possible, and I can make it for you, PM me plz.
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    Thanks gcflames for starting, sadly you never finished it.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    timtower thanks, but its not really what i'm looking for. I've improved my English now so I might can give a better description. I'll post that soon.

    Plugin category: (Any)

    Suggested name: Staff-Signs

    What I want: I'd like to have a plugin that allows you to have a sign wall, which you can select with world edit and then after a command, (suggested: /staffsigns setwall) it'll show all currently online staff with their ranks.
    I'd also like to have the option to where if you click a sign, it'll display in chat since how long that staff member is offline (if offline). And if their AFK (maybe a configurable amount of time the player should be standing still to get marked as AFK in the config file) or active.

    Grouping system: If this is possible, I'd like to have a plugin which looks for any permissions plugin, and get all (configurable) groups, with their members and auto selects them for the wall. I'd prefer not to give each group a permission to show up on the signs because I'd like to keep using the "inheritance" option. Which isn't possible anymore if I do like: moderator needs permission "" to show up in there, because what will happen then is Admins who inheritance moderators, will get shown as Mods, instead of Admins.

    This is just a feature I'd like the plugin to have if it is possible.

    Ideas for commands:
    /staffsigns setwall - this will set the selected signs to be the signs wall where staff is going to be displayed on.
    /staffsigns reload - this will reload all config file's and check for new groups/members.

    Ideas for permissions:
    staffsigns.config.reload - permission for: /staffsigns reload
    staffsigns.setwall - permissions for: /staffsigns setwall
    staffsigns.* (I'm almost sure this is default but just in case I put it here) - gives permission to all commands.

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    This is something I have wanted for a long time.
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    I want something so I don't have to make new signs overtime there is a new staff. And I want it to display them even when they are offline.


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