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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Maxxxy93, Jun 1, 2016.

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    I think it sounds easier than it is..


    Basically it would be realy cool to have a plugin in which you do /mod and you get a custom inventory and you have a compass, to tp using a worldedit permission, a book than u right click players to see in their inventory, a blaze rod u right click on the player to freeze them and a chest that u can right click on a hacker and it opens a GUI and u can choose ban, tempban, mute, kick, once you click one of them it takes u out of the GUI and u type in chat the reason for the kick, ban or mute without having to put a / and yea, the reason u type in chat is the reason that pops up on their screen when they are muted or something.

    I dont expect anyone to do this, cause I know its really hard, but if theres anyone out there who wants a project, this would be great :)

    Permission nodes? : ModGUI.*
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    I think I can do something familiair!
    I'll give it a try but again, I dont promise anything.
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  5. I'll do this for you.
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