Staff chat plugin for 1.2.5 R4

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    I Would like to see if someone has made or can make a plugin for 1.2.5 bukkit. It only needs to have a node that gives people the ability to send/receive and a simple command to put before the message you want to send. If you make it I don't have a time its needed by but if anyone has info let me know!
  2. There has been a million versions of Bukkit since 1.2.5, lol. I don't think anyone will make this.
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    tylerthecreeper1 they could but it would be annoying to set up for lower version of MC
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    Some people still play on 1.2.5 just due to the fact that at that time, PVP wasn't debuffed, as well as for mod-packs and such. If that is the case, unofficial builds are not supported here.
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    Now sadly I am using Tekkit. BUT! NO FORUM SUPPORTS TEKKIT AND PLUGINS! This is the only place I can find that people will even talk to you about plugins! If I ask on the tekkit forums they close the thread do to "off topic". Then if I ask hee you guys close the thread because tekkit isn't an "official build". Tekkit players are forced to figure out impossible things by themselves when there's tons of people here that could help. Does anyone know a place to ask for help with plugins on tekkit???
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    So you're just after a Staff chat which works with minecraft version 1.2.5?
    Any certain commands, Permissions and prefix to use for this? *If you're after the Staff Chat*
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Seek support where you acquired your mod. We do not support unofficial builds here.
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