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    Plugin category: Chat

    Suggested name: ChatList

    What I want: Is a colored chat tablist, that is configurable to have category's. First list will be Staff members, and second will be members & third will be AFK which there names should be colored in grey. I also would like it to be colored, so in each group for example 'Staff' 'Admin' 'Owner' The staff member gets &c, light red. There name will be under Staff Members with there name Light red, Admin will be Dark Red with there name under staff members. Same as members, Different member ranks EX: 'AdvMember' 'ProMember' They'll be under Member list, but Pro will have yellow name on the tablist, and AdvMember will have a purple colored name. And the afker's will have a gray name under AFK list.


    -----------------------------------------------STAFF MEMBERS-------------------------------------------
    NAME | NAME | NAME |
    ---------------------------------------------------AFK PLAYERS--------------------------------------------

    Basic layout, reason why I know this is possible, is because I've seen it. I can't find a plugin like this, I seen colored tablist plugins (I have one) but I want the categorys as well, and for the 'colors' even if you cant add that in there, make it compatible with ColoredTablist plugin? So colors can stay.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions

    When I'd like it by: ASAP! No rush though, thank you!

    If any of you guys have further questions on what I mean, please do ask. This is like an essential plugin i'd love :) For now, i'm going to bed!

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Anonymous350 Not allowed to go to skype or PM. Keep the conversation on the thread.
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    I would use this plugin... :p
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    But I reccomend having one list per row. You know how there's three rows?[​IMG] 2014-07-25_14.15.59.png
    You know what I mean xSketti
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    nathnana2002 Yeeeah and somebody could make it configurable and it will display more lists :D What would you do then?
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    Yah I have that type of list. I figured the '------------staff---------' would take a full row and below that would be how many staff. then after that it would be -----------members------' in one full row, right below that would be members, if thats possible of course.
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    Or Maybe it could be layed out like this:
    [Server Name] (Added inConfig)​
    ------Members------ -------Staff------- ------Afk Players------​

    EDIT: Ugg it wont let me put that many spaces, but you know what I mean right?

    Also, this plugin would have to take info from a Permission Plugin. You could add in your Plugin's Config What groups are concerted Members or Staff. AFK players would get info from Essentials.
    Just a suggestion :p xSketti

    Can you do this without Skype? Anonymous350
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    Yah, it might be a tough plugin after all, but I'm almost sure its not impossible. It'll be a good plugin many people would like though nathnana2002
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    Yeah xSketti

    Is this plugin tough to make?

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    Someone should answer and tell me if this is even possible :p
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    Were not devs, but thanks!
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    Omg, so close. Just gotta find a dev to make this! :p nathnana2002

    Yah thats absolutely fine ! Thanks for trying to do this, I appreciate it!

    ^ Now I look dumb, lol. I guess the other person deleted there post.

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    Does that mean there not doing it?
  18. @xSketti ok i can try to make this, don't know why my post has been deleted
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    plarsootje Well thank you! :) I do appreciate it alot.
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    No body? D:
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    Ok were looking for someone new now as plarsootje isnt responding.

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