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    Plugin category: Mech

    Suggested name: MoarStacks

    What I want: Im searching for a plugin what modify the max. amount of material stackable. Actually 64 for materials.

    I want user only can stack 10 (for example) of log, wood, stone, etc.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: stack.10 // stack.20 // stack.64

    Willing to pay up to: $0 - Sorry, Im so poor!

    When I'd like it by: When possible

    Similar plugin requests: None.
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    for which items? im not sure if its possible to limit all itemstacks to a specific size.
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    For mats: log, stone, cobble, bricks, wheat, wood...
  4. You can always limit it to a lower amount but (I think) never to a larger. ;)
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    ah ok :D. if you want to take this plugin then sure. im a bit busy with my Clocked plugin.
  6. That wasn't what I wanted to say... ;)
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    ┬┐Somebody then?

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