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    With SpoutCraft you can get a plugin that allow's you to play real music using golden records over jukebox's with a few simple command's the plugin's name is JukeBukkit , Also with SpoutEssentails you can play music locally or globally with a command using a url but with SpoutCraft you are restricted to the use of .ogg and .wav files only , So i am building a directory with many songs in that format to make your life easier.

    Click Here To Get SpoutEssentails Plugin.
    Click Here To Get JukeBukkit For Your Server.
    Click Here To Get SpoutCraft Server Plugin.
    Click Here To Get SpoutCraft Client Launcher.
    Click here For A Forum Post That Will Be Updated Alot More
    I Did Not Create Any Plugin's Listed Above , Nor did I have any part in the development.

    Click Here To Get To Directory
    ( I Gave The Files Short Names To Keep It Easy To Put In )
    Music Directory Explained (open)

    Red Hot Chili Peppers (open)

    Album The Red Hot Chili Peppers (open)

    TRHCP - Folder Name For This Album
    TMDKC - True Men Dont Kill Coyotes
    GH - Green Heaven
    BA - Baby Appeal
    BD - Buckle Down
    GUAJ - Get Up and Jump
    WDYLM - Why Dont You Love Me
    MWD - Mommy Where's Daddy
    OIL - Our In L.A
    PH - Police Helicopter
    YASTS - You Always Sing the Same
    GPDP - Grand Pappy Du Plenty
    GUAJD - Get Up and Jump (demo)
    PHD - Police Helicopter (demo)
    GHD - Green Heaven (demo)
    OILD - Out In L.A (demo)
    WIID - What It Is (demo)
    Album Freaky Styley (open)

    FS - Folder Name For This Album
    JM - Jungleman
    H - Hollywood
    AGD - American Ghost Dance
    IYWMTS - If You Want Me To Stay
    NVM - Nevermind
    FS - Freaky Styley
    BB - Blackeyed Blonde
    TBC - The Brothers Cup
    BS - BattleShip
    LAT - Lovin' And Touchin'
    CSGR - Catholic School Girls Rule
    SR - Sex Rap
    TDB - Thrity Dirty Birds
    YTT - Yertle The Turtle
    NVMD - Nevermind (demo)
    SRD - Sex Rap (demo)
    FSO - Freaky Styley (original long version)
    MAH - Million Aires Against Hunger (Unreleased)
    Album The Uplift Mofo Party (open)

    TUMP - Folder Name For This Album
    FLAB - Fight Like A Brave
    FC - Funky Crime
    MAMF - Me And My Friends
    BW - Back Woods
    SSM - Skinny Sweet Man
    BTS - Behind The Sun
    SHB - Subterranean Homesick Blues
    POYP - Party On Your Pussy
    NCLS - No Chump Love Sucker
    WODTR - Walking On Down The Road
    LT - Love Trilogy
    OABB - Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
    BTSI - Behind The Sun (instrumental)
    MAMFI - Me And My Friends (instrumental)
    Album Mother's Milk (open)

    MM - Folder Name For This Album
    GTB - Good Time Boys
    HG - Higher Ground
    STV - Subway To Venus
    MJ - Magic Johnson
    NWLM - Nobody Weird Like Me
    KMD - Knock Me Down
    TTP - Taste The Pain
    SCB - Stone Cold Bush
    F - Fire
    PLD - Pretty Little Ditty
    SMM - Sexy Mexican Maid
    SKY - Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky
    STD - Song That Made Us What We Are Today(demo)
    KMDO -- Knock Me Down (original long verison)
    SMMO - Sexy Mexican Maid (original long verision)
    STKD - Salute To Kareem (demo)
    CMOSL - Castles Made Of Sand (live)
    CTL - Crosstown Traffic (live)
    Album Blood Sugar Sex Magik (open)

    BSSM - Folder Name For This Album
    TPOE - The Power Of Equality
    ASK - If You Have To Ask
    BTG - Breaking The Girl
    FM - Funky Monks
    SMK - Suck My Kiss
    LIE - I Could Have Lied
    SLINK - Mellowship Slinky in B Major
    WICK - The Righteous & the Wicked
    GIA - Give it Away
    MAGI - Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    UTB - Under the Bridge
    RAIN - Naked in the Rain
    COCK - Apache Rose Peacock
    GREET - The Greeting Song
    MLM - My Lovely Man
    SEXY - Sir Psycho Sexy
    TRH - They're Red Hot
    Album One Hot Minute (open)

    OHM - Folder Name For This Album
    W - Warped
    A - Aeroplane
    DK - Deep Kick
    MF - My Friends
    CS - Coffee Shop
    P - Pea
    OBM - One big mob
    WB - Walkabout
    TJ - Tear Jerker
    OHM - One Hot Minute
    FIG - Falling Into Grace
    GAME - Shallow Be Thy Game
    T - Transcending
    Album Californication (open)

    C - Folder Name For This Album
    ATW - Around The World
    PU - Parallel Universe
    ST - Scar Tissue
    OS - Other Side
    GOT - Get On Top
    C - Californication
    E - Easily
    P - Porcelain
    ER - Emit Remmus
    ILD - I Like Dirt
    TVG - This Velvet Glove
    S - Savior
    PS - Purple Stain
    ROT - Right On Time
    RT - Road Trippin'
    Album By The Way (open)

    BTW - Folder Name For This Album
    BTW - By The Way
    US - Universally Speaking
    TITP - This Is The Place
    D - Dosed
    DFM - Dont Forget Me
    TZS - The Zephyr Song
    CS - Cant Stop
    DIE - I Could Die For You
    M - Midnigh
    TELE - Throw Away Your Television
    C - Cabron
    T - Tear
    OM - On Mercury
    MT - Minor Thing
    WT - Warm Tape
    VQ - Venice Queen

    Now Accepting Request's!
    What You Can Request:
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    *Converting , Organizing Then Uploading Eminem Discography - Now*
    (My Chemical Romance Discography , Avril Lavigne Discography (2002-2011) & Tylor Swift Discography Will Be Coming Soon)
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    weres my songs :(?
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