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    Marcos Cosmos

    Hi, me and a few friends want to construct a project that will produce an in-depth Kingdom Hearts experience in Minecraft. Spanning over several categories. We intend to create several plugins for the project.

    One aspect of this project is that there are three worldly factions to Kingdom Hearts. The denizens of light, darkness and nothing.

    What I want to start with is a tool slot and inventory manipulator, + damage modifications.

    The first slot of the tool bar, I want to have a particular item permanantly, though not dupable, so like, it cannot be picked up :p.

    I want to have the permanent item different for each of the three factions (which players are in which, for now can be applied in config?)

    Denizens of light get a wooden sword in the first slot permanently, and take .75x normal damage (rounded where necessary).

    Denizens of darkness have an ender pearl in the first slot permanantly, deal 2x normal damage with their fists, and generally move 1.25 times as fast as normal players.

    Denizens of nothing will permantly have a bow in their inventory, and a stack of say, 5 arrows that will get restacked at the cost of 1 hunger point (half meat on bone?), these arrows can take up slot 10 for now,
    (But would be in a seperate, unmoveable inventory slot, or say, in a bag, with the ammo be displayed via the main HUD with spout widgets ideally)
    The denizens of nothing would probably need to have the damage of the charged shot reduced to prevent them being OP, say .75 times? :p

    On a side note there are some other features I want later, but don't worry about them yet really.

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    These factions each have their abilities and traits, and many things that will need to be coded to include this we feel we can probably do ourselves once we've learnt enough Java.

    But in the meantime we're going to need help.

    How much of this aspect should fit in to one single plugin I'm not sure, but regardless, we need a core plugin to intergrate additional plugins planned, and ensure they run together.

    So I'm leaving this slightly open to everyone to contribute ideas to on the specifics.

    Before you read the desired features! Please don't dismiss this as too hard if they are a lot to ask, to start with I only want the 1st slot manipulation and damage manipulation. I mentioned the others because I'm not sure what kind of information would be needed to create a core plugin with a database to manage the others.

    Desired features:
    • An additional inventory window for special items that don't drop on death. I don't won't to clutter the existing inventory with these things, and I want to have a custom layout for it, which I'll fully design once someone agrees to takes this up.
    • Manipulation of the 1st item slot in Minecraft's main GUI to mean that only certain items can be placed into it, and that if emptied, a certain item will spawn in there (this item will not be removable, but will but cleared by some items)
    • Damage manipulation.
    • Custom textures and additional items (using spout when it becomes possible)
    Features that require faction specific configurations:
    • Armor and weapon textures, likely using additional items created through spout when it becomes possible. (not skins!, in the meantime I will be using a skin plugin but that's not what I want.)
    • Configurable damage manipulation.
    • Configurable item restrictions and inventory manipulation (and 1st slot specific items.)
    • Abilities (this feature can wait for awhile though)
    • Monster behavior (alliances, or simply truces)
    I figure that this is is going to require a database, which would effectively be the core, if it is split into several plugins.

    Ideally, I would like to work with whoever picks this up so I can learn enough to manage it and it's updates myself, but I understand schedules rarely allow for that.

    Please, give me any feedback you want to.

    Also, if you pick this up and decide to this should segregate into multiple plugins. Could you create the initial features I want in an additional plugin called Denizen Combat & Arms?

    Thanks in advance,
    Marcos Cosmos
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    Looks interesting. With the hole additional inventory thing, what sort of things plan to go in there? Is a whole 'nother 27 slots necessary?
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh no no, probably only 6-8, but right now I just want the damage mod and 1st slot manipulation.
  4. The "desired" things are all very possible using Spout's new item stuff and what Bukkit already does.
    No idea if armor will be retexturable later. Weapons will be retextured by just being a new item.
    Damage manipulation is pretty easy for melee hits but would require some advanced tracking for ranged hits.
    Inventory is easy to goof with.
    Not sure what you mean by abilities.
    By monster behavior, I assume you mean attacking or not attacking aligned factions? That's workable.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ok cool, yus that is what i mean, but i still want to know if theres Any point in making a core plugin to manage the config etc and use multiple plugins.. and how exactly those kinds of core plugins are made?

    And by abilities i mean permission to blink tele and to set up portal, maybe a new portal plugin that a popup interface for ease of use, but Also things like special attacks (timed command dependant), temo speed/power boosts, spells and elemental arrows,

    So, should i be asking for a core plugin or just the features that i want, progressively as i want/require them?

    Btw, i was thinking of doing the armour by changing the items is on equipping, or on pickup
  6. It's always easier to build monolithic (one) code rather than modular (many) code. Modular code however will expand better later.

    The abilities listed should be fine.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alright, and do think someone will pick up the request if i re-write it as one plugin with the order i would like the features made in, or would it be a lot to do without pay? Coz i was thinking of segregating it so it wouldnt be a one man job, btw, have you had any time for the endless city?
  8. Most of us are here not expecting pay. Some people are willing to make donations, and that is very generous of them, but there will always be someone who will help for free too.

    As for breaking it or not, that really is up to the developer who picks it up. I personally would not break it into multiple plugins.

    I replied to the Endless City thread.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alright, thanks for the advice, I restructured it. :3
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    Hrm... what would be the default "group" for first-time players?

    Bah, nvm, i'll just help with spout stuff :)
    So to get the toolbar slots, you'd have to get each inventory slot that is in the toolbar, and then put that into a hashmap or something...

    Or maybe not! If you're just using the first slot, you could just set their first slot to have a certain item. As to where you would put this code and when it would happen... That depends
    I don't know if it's possible (yet) to prevent a player from dropping an item.

    EDIT: Oh wait, you could just "destroy" the dropped item as soon as it drops. And at the same time as that event, just restock their first slot.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh, none of the three, as I said, it's just a small part of the main project.. I intend to setup in-game intros that require the player to battle through monsters to get to a point where they earn a position in the faction of their choice, it's rather complex xD

    Edit: It's all set out better on the bukkitdev project

    I should probably refine that statement... I intend to use achievements to allocate groups, as in, when the achievement is first earnt, the server then logs their group. that way, a player won't lose their group with a clean install.

    This achievement would be earnt on... crafting a particular item, for now... an iron ignot crafted together with either a piece of gold, to produce a golden apple, a bone to produce an arrow, and coal to produce an ender pearl.
    (gold for light, bone for nothing and coal for darkness)
    Also, please change the data value of the craft recipe items and result to... 99? that way they shouldn't be able to cheat...
    and then on recieving that achievment, they get killed, clearing their inventory, save for the crafted item, in a bag as described below.

    and... can you make it so that they cannot receive any of the achievements or craft those particular items anymore?

    (Also, can you deny them entry to a config-defined world once having those achievements? That way they can't cheat and get gold etc.. Oh, once they craft their items, make it so that they keep it in their inventory at all times (an additional/bag-like inventory, that they can't move items in and out of for now..)

    I hope to use spout to create additional items and use them for all of this, so it will then be much more authentic and make more sense lol :p

    Edit: I err, can't build it myself, dunno any java yet, so do you think you can do it? c:
    Thanks in advanced,
    Marcos Cosmos

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    I've started work on this, let's see what I can accomplish

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