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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by BioRage, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I know there's a SP MOD for this, however it's not what I. I want a SMP mod, that forces this.

    Of course it would have to use Spout, but simply uses different variations of skins.png in a configuration file, and not always will we have the same creeper, etc.

    What it does
    • Selects a image.png from a configuration file (1-5 images) of a certain monster, and spawn's it in the world. which means 5 different creepers/skeletons/zombies/etc. Skins

    Well that's basically it!

    Comments/Suggestions/Criticism's are always welcomed.
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    I already tried something like that, the problem atm is that the texture of the mob reset if you go to far away of the location of the mob.
    I didn't have time to dig more (is it a normal or buggy behavior), there is some methods to do it but they aren't ideal.

    But it's still on my todo list.

    Edit: checking this with the spout team right now
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    Is there a mob spawning event or something? Cause that would make it easier to change their skin right when they spawn
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    Hmm Alright, thanks bud, been busy with Exams!

    Think So.
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    I'll try this as my next project, if no one has done it
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    Hey Ryan I could probably do this for you although with both Serenity and my own plugins ill try and squeeze it in
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    Aren't you in bed? :p
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    Well let me see since I just type that unless I slept walk or someone hacked my account then no i'm not in bed :p
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    Scary stuff :|:

    Talk to you tomorrow, or so, one more exam to go..
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    Good luck :D and also I cba with skype at the moment should be doing maths homework and other stuff but just want to listen to music and type and help people :)
    Whats the test on?
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    So did this plugin ever get off the ground? (was wondering the same thing cause I'm making a texture pack for a server)
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    I could do this now i guess. I'd need help with the skins though. You might wanna find which ones you want as a default :)

    Also: I'll have to do it with RB#1337 cause even the latest Spout dev builds don't work with the new bukkit non-RB builds. Yeah that was confusing lol...

    Just kidding, i don't think there's any way to do this without using the PacketEntitySkin. And I don't know how to use the packetAPI yet :/ so... yeah

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    ↓ My face when i saw that ↑ post

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