[Spout] Quest with GUI !

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Astaen, Nov 8, 2011.

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    I think so
  2. How is it going on?
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    any news?
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    I'd also like to know whats up with this
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    I really want this lol. My server is mostly RPG based, so quests is a must ;]
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    Check out total quest - he plans to implement this into his plugin.
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    Does this plugin have Built in permissions?
  9. There's no plugin yet ...
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    Will it have one** And i was talking to the developer, I cannot wait for this... I love RP :D
    How long have you been waiting for the release?
  11. For more than a month ...
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    Contact him to see the progress, I cant wait for this :D
    Also Is this an addon to Citizens or a Replacement?
  13. Well i also like the idea of this plugin. As i see no one picks up the plugin, so i will see if i can afford some money, and put Nikita work on this. I keep in touch, i will post some info about this.
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    Post on the Spout Forums.
  15. Huh? Wtf are u talking about?
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    Umm this post was from last year....
  17. but its still active :p

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