[SPOUT]Material money (Bronze, Silver, Gold coins)

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  1. Hi,
    My idea is pretty simple, make 3 custom items with Spout: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Coins.
    (It's actually possible to make, but not that's following)

    Those items have an iConomy value assigned:

    Gold Coin: 1000 $ (or another money)
    Silver Coin: 100 $
    Bronze: 10 $

    For example, if someone got his iConomy balance at: 9580
    He will have in inventory 9 Gold coins, 5 Silver coins, and 8 Bronze coins. Also they can't lose those items if they die, they can only drop them by themselves. (so they have at least 1 to 3 slots used).

    They can give money to other players easy, example:
    Player1 drop 2 Silver coin, 200$ are debited from his iConomy balance.
    Player2 pick up coins, he get those 200$

    Also, this will have to bypass MultiInv separation if possible ...

    Thanks for reading :) Hope someone is interested.
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    I think it's a good idea, but I think there would be an issue.
    I haven't worked with Spout in a long time, but I'm pretty sure Spout blocks/items are assigned an ID of a block/item that is already in Minecraft (like stone) Wouldn't that allow non-spoutcraft people to get money for free?
  3. I don't allow non-spoutcraft users on my server.
    Also, Spout is only using flints, and Idk how, but we can make an unlimited amount of items as flints.
  4. Need it ! But also need iConomy update before !
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    Simple explanation how custom items works:

    1. Server boots
    2. Spout loads
    3. Plugins register their custom items

    With Spoutcraft:
    4. A Spoutcraft player joins
    5. Spout sends a packet telling the player about the existence of a new item with the id 'x' with the name of 'y' and it's icon (The url, not an actual image)
    6. The player receives the packet, creates the item and fetch the picture to display and then it register the new ite

    With a normal minecraft client:
    4. A player joins
    5. Spout does not receive any packets telling that the player is running SpoutCraft

    Then when the player faces to a custom item,
    1. Spout checks if the player is running Spoutcraft
    2. If not, it'll tell the player that the item is actually a Flint
    3. Spout will prevent stacking the custom item disguised as flint with real flint

    Soo.. the client player thinks its flint but the server actually know what item is flint and what's not.

    On a non-spoutcraft client, it'll tell the client that it's flint... but the server know what it really is.

    Basically, that's how Custom Items works.
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    Im surprised this wasnt suggested already but heres what i plan to do. Make your coin items via new spout items. Go get "Citizens" plugin. Make a quest to turn in those items and the reward is the corresponding amount.

    1 gold coin = 1k coins
    1 silver coin = 100 coins
    1 copper coin = 1 coin

    so make 1 NPC with quest of delivering him 1 gold coin, reward is 1000 coins.
    1 NPC that you must bring 5 silver coins with reward 500 coins
    1 NPC that you must bring 64 copper coins with reward 64 coins.

    something along those lines. Not sure if we can reward custom blocks from citizens though, i havent tried yet :3
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