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    Could somebody start a project to revive IndustrialCraft for Spout? If not, something similar, which carries the gameplay a little longer with new resources and building recipes, would be excellent (Not an RPG plugin).

    As far as I understand Spout (which isn't very much, because the wiki seems incomplete), it has
    • New ores (not sure if the spawn rates of old ores are changed)
    • New inventory items (e.g. bronze pick, battery)
    • New crafting recipes
    • New special blocks with new interfaces, based largely on old ones (e.g. iron furnace, nuclear generator).
    • New textures (client-side only, of course)
    • Tweaks to block break rates (e.g. redstone)
    Thanks for any help or info!
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    This will be possible in about 2 months when spout implements custom blocks until then it is only possible with the bukkit modloader.
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    Ah, thanks for the info!
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    I can't wait until you can do things like this with Spout. Servers will be like an entirely different game.
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    Since the day I first saw Spot that I want to port IndustrialCraft to implement it in my server. I am waiting till spout includes the new capabilities to start the project. if anybody wants to help please let mi know.
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    Im gonna do plugin developing mainly with spout so by the time they implement custom server packets with spoutcraft ill be thinking of this :D
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    I'm sorry that I refresh old thread, but as I know, Spout can now add items and blocks from server so it's possible to port IC2 that it would use Spout.
    I'm a programmer and I've done some games(eg. MMO from scratch) and I'm looking for some people to port this mod. It's better to work in a team, so this is the reason that I'm looking for one.
    If you know something about programming and writing mods for Minecraft and want to help, please write here or contact me.
    I've never done Minecraft mod, but I've done games, so I'll quickly learn to do so.
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