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    Hello, I've been looking for a plugin which let you trade with other players and especially also trading with the server. There are enough of such plugins, but I request a plugin that does this all via a GUI (Spout?). It would even be really nice if you could make a villager, from those npc-villages, trade for you. But there is one problem, in 1.3 the villagers are also capable of trading. Maybe it would be nice to "claim" a villager, so it can trade for you. And let it trade the items you want.

    I hope you understand ;)
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    You'll probably have better luck posting this Spout request on the Spout Forums. ;)

    If you don't want the GUI, and still want to leave it here, then I'd recommend formatting it.
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    Ok, here is what I want the short way:
    First you type something like /makeshop, that'll spawn a villager.
    Then you can define what the villager will sell/buy for you, preferable via a (drag 'n drop) GUI.

    Plugins like Citizens have also NPC's that can trade for you, but I think that it is really hard. (I've a bunch of kids playing on my server, it is possible to make them have spout)

    Ps Thanks for your reply, I'll also ask this on the spout forums.

    Edit: look here; http://forums.spout.org/threads/spoutshops-continuation.3724/
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    Great! you posted first here then corrected your error and then post it on the spout forums. :) you may get more help and assistance there than here. :3

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