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    You have probably played one, if not several MMORPGS. In most MMORPGS, there are quests.
    While there already is several quest plugins so far, none of them utilize Spout to create what I would like to see most (after functionality):

    A Quest Log.

    A quest log is an easy way to keep track of quests while at the same time providing an easy way of rading and understanding what the quests wants to say to you, instead of having to resort to sending it to you via the chat, a sending stuff via chat is messy and hard to read if not done properly.

    For an MMO-type server NPCs are often used to distribute, create and view quests. As such, the plugins Citizens is a fantastic way of combining both Quests and NPCs, but as I said above it lacks an organized way of viewing the quests.

    Citizens also packs an API for devs that want to create their own NPC types. So therefore, can a developer who has already glanced at the Citizens API (or is interested in it) try to make this a reality by creating a new NPC type: The Spout Quester.

    The Spout Quester would replace the default quester for the servers who exclusively use Spout clients. The features a Spout Quester would bring would preferrably be:

    • A quest log GUI that can track, display and sort quests.
    • Spout features as custom music playing on quest accept/complete.
    • Ability to hook into plugins that create custom items and block, thus making them avaliable in quests.
    • Multiple ways of opening the quest GUI, such as a button that is always visble or a key press (or a combination)
    The Spout Quester would preferrably use the same quests.yml as the default quester but add the features to it that the default quester does not have.

    If a plugin developer would take on this task I would be eternally grateful.

    Thank you for your time and for reading this. I hope that I will have convinced someone!
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    Working on something very similar to this, not working with the Citizens API right now however, may or may not use Citizens in the future. Unfortunately no release of my plugin is currently available... **mysteries...**
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    That sounds great. I'm here whenever you need testing ^.=.^

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