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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Spiderlava7, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Plugin category: MISC / FUN

    Suggested name: Sponsor+?

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where once you install the plugin it generates a config.yml. Custom messages, and custom sponsor items. I would like it to be when you type /sponsor it pops up a chest GUI with steve heads and you click the player you want to sponsor. Then, it will have the items I setup in the config.yml in the next GUI pop-up. You click what you want to sponsor them and it will take the users money and spawn in the items to the sponsored user.

    Ideas for commands: /sponsor (Brings the user GUI then sponsor GUI)
    /sponsor {USERNAME} (Brings only sponsor GUI)

    Ideas for permissions: sponsor.sponsor - Allowing for sponsoring
    sponsor.bypass - OP default, bypasses Economy taking away currency.

    When I'd like it by: Soon would be nice.

    Extra Info: Basically, like MCSG.
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    Even though you followed the form format, this is probably the most vague explanation of a request I have yet to see. Please try to be more specific.
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    Wait what?
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    A plugin where a user types /sponsor.
    When that command is executed that user will see a chest GUI with all the players' heads.
    The player will click on the user's head he/she wants to sponsor.
    After that, it will pop-up another chest GUI. This time with sponsor items.
    The items that you can sponsor will be customizable in the config (also custom prices)
    Once the player clicks the item he/she wants to sponsor the he/she clicked...
    It will give the user sponsored the items and the user that sponsored will lose money (However much the item cost)
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    Okay. That is also extremely vague.

    You have to assume none of us have even heard of minecraft when you are explaining these plugins. What is sponsoring? What plugins does it need to work with? Is this hunger games? What players should show up on the GUI? Stuff like that.
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    Sponsoring- giving players stuff.
    What does it need to use?: Economy Hook-In Plugin (EssentialsEco, etc)
    Is this hunger games? Yes
    What players should so up? Any player in the current world.
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    Crud41 I think I get what he's trying to say.

    He wants a plugin where you can buy items for other players for a Hunger Games server. You type /sponsor, and a GUI pops up showing the heads of all of the online players. You click on the player, and then another GUI comes up showing all of the items you can give the player, which are determined in the config. You click on the item you want to buy the player that you selected, and you will pay for the item (prices will be determined in the config as well), and the player that you picked is given the chosen item.

    Spiderlava7 Is this what you mean?
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    Yes, someone gets it :p
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    Crud41 Your being extremely derpy, honestly "What is sponsoring" really -.- I think a developer would know what that is and his description is perfectly fine...
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