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    Plugin category: General/Mechanics

    Suggested name: SpongeSoaker

    What I want: Hi there, I'd like a plugin making for my server which soaks up water/lava when a sponge is placed down. I'd also like a config too to change the values of the soak radius and whether water/lava is soaked up or not.


    #Whether lava/water is enabled to be soaked up by a placed sponge
    lava-enabled: true/false (true by default)
    water-enabled: true/false (true by default)

    #The radius that water/lava is soaked up around the sponge once placed
    lava-radius: 2 (by default)
    water-radius 2 (by default)

    So basically placing a sponge soaks up ALL water/lava in the configured radius around the sponge and doesn't allow water/lava to be placed or enter inside the radius of the sponge.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed.

    Ideas for permissions: sponge.soak (enables soaking of lava/water when a player with is permission places a sponge | Without this permission nothing happens when a sponge is placed)

    When I'd like it by: Sometime within the next week if possible.


    Kind Regards.
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    RyanDev The sponges in Bukkit already pick up water, but you can't edit the radius. Neither does it absorb lava.

    I dont know why it was necessary but there you go.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    RyanDev WorldGuard can do this.
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    As timtower said, WorldGuard has this feature.

    Press CTRL + F in WorldGuard's config, and then type "sponge."

    CraftBook also has this feature, by the way.

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