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    I have tried to find an easy to set-up & configure spleef plugin. I have tried everyone, & the plugins were either out-of-date & didn't work, or it wasn't easy enough for me to setup. I tried everything & nothing works. If you can help me find a good plugin that's easy to setup thank you.
    If you're willing to help me by building/making a plugin, that would be helpful too.
    If you are going to make a spleef plugin, here is what it AT LEAST needs.
    It needs:
    • An easy way to set the lobby, & a way to join a spleef game from the lobby.
    • An easy way to make the actual spleef arena. (not the stadium, but the spleef floors/layers)
    • An easy way to add/remove multiple layers & regenerating layers
    • A way to spectate spleef games
    • A way to change the player's inventory for the game & give back his old inventory when the game has finished.
    I really need a spleef plugin. I made a stadiu, but no plugin to run a game.
    My Server IP address is :
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    Search super spleef
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    i did & thank you SO MUCH!!!

    all of you
    thank you so much

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    Since you're looking for spleef you should also take a look at ArenaSpleef. It has a lot of functionality that the others don't have. I can also help you set it up and make it do what you want.
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    i tried it but i couldn't get it working
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