Spigot has released 1.8!

Discussion in 'General Help' started by extended_clip, Nov 28, 2014.

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    Cleaned up the thread. Lets keep this civil and all just say, "Yay, 1.8 bukkit! thanks md_5 and the rest of the spigot team!"

    Discussion is ok, but there will be no attacks or flaming.

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    Spigot team has done it again. Wonderful work! :)
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    What about correcting for the truth?
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    Wolvereness Bukkit Team Member

    Is Curse's position really one of thanking md_5 for moving his piracy to servers in Romania?
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    He was making no statement on behalf of Curse, but more one of hyperbole describing the state of the thread. I'll be making a statement soon enough. Only thing I can say at this moment the location of servers won't weigh into our position.

    All that being said, your're treading the line of trying to start a flame war over this announcement and release. Please keep discussion civil, constructive and polite.
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    Seems like a no-win situation. The code is out. I've been testing it and Spigot 1.8 is pretty solid (even fiddly stuff like /tp @e[type=cow] now. They don't really have a lot of assets to lose in a lawsuit and a lawsuit would be very expensive. Barn door ..... cows outside.
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    Position well taken Kaelten. I think they made the right decision to release a 1.8 server, now everyone can move on from all this ranting and raving about bukkit dying and start running servers.
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    A lawsuit against craftbukkit was already dubious enough. Based on how Spigot is doing their release, it would have no chance against them.
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    Moved to Alternatives Section until things have been cleared up.
    This is a very confusing topic at the moment.
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    Believe me, it is. :p

    One thing to clear up is while they may call their version of the API and implementation "Bukkit" and "craftbukkit," they are still unofficial builds. While I think works great (I've tried out the implementation) , I do think what md_5 was a bit too cheeky.
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    I could care less about the politics. I just know that my server's players have access to 1.8 features now and I thank md5 and his crew for making that happen. It is truly a shame that we Bukkit server owners now have to rely on another project's lead to make updates to our servers.
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    You mean you couldn't care less. :p

    I personally don't believe the ends don't justify the means. While I don't think it was right for the whole DMCA to go down (don't really care whose "fault" it was), it happened. I'm much more comfortable with something like Sponge taking over rather than Spigot which is kind of cheating to get away with using the DMCA'd code.
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    You can always update them yourselves.
  16. Note that suffering a DMCA is not the same as losing a copyright case, a copyright violation has not been proven at court (yet). The DMCA represents the claim that your copyright has been violated, but it doesn't necessarily provide valid proof. The technique Spigot is using, might well have reinstated the LGPL license of their specific CraftBukkit fork, which had been forked before the DMCA has been filed. The GPL might handle this case somehow, but courts might not follow the implications the makers of the GPL had in mind in all cases. This is probably also not a case they had in mind with writing the GPL anyway, despite mechanics of the license probably applying.
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